Hey LaWasha, hey LaDrya
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The latest from former American Idol contestant Todrick Hall, Beauty and the Beat brings together a cast of former Idols, YouTube personalities, and Antoine "hide yo kids, hide yo wife" Dodson.
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All it's missing is Bon Qui Qui.
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This made my day, thanks.
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As a confirmed Dinsey-holic, I'm way familiar with the original version, and this parody was really spot-on. The characters were all there, and the lyrics, while funny in their own right, were appropriately similar to the original. (i.e. "I need six eggs" becomes "I need six legs")

Not being at all familiar with American Idol, I had no idea who any of the performers were, but it was still amusing. And the girl singing Belle sounded A LOT like the original.
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Disney x New Jack City x Beauty Shop = repeat viewings.
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The other evening I sat down in a park to do some work and my Mac picked up a locked wireless network from a nearby condo. It was named "Hide Yo Kids, Hide Yo Wifi."
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Lord I haven't heard someone scream 'don't make me take my shoe off' since I left my mother's house.

I giggled muchly.
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This is one of those things that sounds like the world's worst, most terrible idea ever, but still works in every way.
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I am in awe of the level of awesomeness achieved. Please do an entire movie?!
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This guy needs a series network.
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Bicyclefish, that reminds me of this amazing WiFi name.
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that was absolutely phenomenal!
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I just about peed my pants at "LaWasha & LaDrya"
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I saw this post on my phone last night so didn't click through to the video and had forgotten about it until I saw it also posted on the Stranger's blog, with the following poll:

Pick one.
  1. I am glad this was made by an African-American artist, because if the creator were white, it would be impossible to enjoy.
  2. Making fun of stereotypes obviously involves displaying stereotypes. Relax and enjoy the high-density wit.
  3. You don't understand—the way this mirrors the Disney scene is ASTOUNDING. All other issues are secondary.
  4. Trotting out cartoony black stereotypes in the service of parodying a 20-year-old Disney cartoon is an iffy proposition—but this dude makes it work.
  5. Hey, LaWasha! Hey, LaDrya! LOVELOVELOVELOVELOVE.
  6. Too racist to enjoy.

(BTW the correct answer is 1-5.)
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this was already fantastic, and then in the midst of the chaos chorus I heard that beautiful sound......OKRRRRR?
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