It happens three times in every life. Or twice. Or once.
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Each week on our show of course, we choose a theme and bring you different kinds of stories on that theme. Today's show: The cutest goddamn 3 minutes on radio.
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That was pretty adorable. "I hid it under the radiator!"
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Is there an mp3 link available? That player seems not to agree with my phone.
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"Her hair was almost down to her tush and when she wiped her butt her hair would go into the toilet and that would be gross."

Pretty sound, and adorable, reasoning.
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I would literally listen to anything narrated by these girls. (Seriously, can they become the radio equivalent of those little girls that Ellen Degeneres has become so enamored of?)

Superb editing, as well.
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Amazing. Is this is a common occurrence among young sisters of a close age? My mom has almost exactly the same story, except the cutter (I can't remember if it was my mom or aunt) ran away from home for a couple hours because she was so afraid of what she had done.
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Very cute girls and this is there serious discussion. Enjoyed it.
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Already heard from a young friend of mine that her older sister did this to her, too. So all signs point to yes. As someone with two close brothers though, we NEVER would have trusted each other to cut our hair at any age.
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Better than the Car Guys
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Of course. They don't laugh at their own jokes.
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Oh dear God, this is so adorable. They are the embodiment of audio cuteness.

-When did you realize that something had gone wrong?
-When I was finished. I put away the scissors and looked at her and I was like, uh oh. This is bad, bad bad bad.

Quite a mature response! And applicable to so many situations (minus the scissors part).
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That is so cute, my ovaries are aching. (Thankfully my brain overrides the impulse to go forth and procreate again.)
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I can't get the audio to work.
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Direct mp3 link
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Two Girs, One Pair Of Scissors.
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Everyone makes this kind of mistake once in their lives. Or twice, or three times. Or twice. Or once.
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"What did you do with the hair?"

"I hid it. Unda the wadiator"
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I like the dramatic reenactment of "Eva! Sadie! What were you thinking?!"
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Ask Metafilter: Everyone makes this kind of mistake once in their lives. Or twice, or three times. Or twice. Or once.
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HILARIOUS. And I like their logic. And the girl, uh-oh, this is bad, after she's done, and that her parents weren't going to like it! Ha :)

Anyway. I didn't have any older siblings, so I cut my own hair! I don't remember, but apparently I wanted a fringe or something and, yeah, baldsies all over the front...
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My two daughters also had an unfortunate hair cutting incident at just about the same ages as these two. The older one convinced her little sister to let her cut off one of her ponytails. I don't know why she felt only one side needed to go, but that's what we got.

They still vividly remember and mimic my reaction, which was to repeat throughout the remainder of the day, "NEVER do that again!"
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This was the best. My son cut my daughter's hair for her once when she was about 2 - she had it back in a ponytail and he snipped right at the top. So she had a baby mullet for a good year when we grew it out.
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I've got two little girls, and it is THE BEST. Very cute.

The "bad, bad, bad, bad" is great ... you can tell that's straight from the parents.

"Once, or twice, or three times in every life ... or twice." That part was perfect. :D
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Those girls are very articulate.

Not having been provided with a sibling, my little girl had to take matters into her own hands once. Or twice.

I don't remember if my sister and I gave each other haircuts at that age, but my mom recorded hilarious narrations of similar incidents. I wish those recordings still existed.
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Matter-of-factness at its most adorable:
"Did you think we were going to like it?"

"No. I didn't know you were going to scream like that, though."
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This is adorable. And makes me happy that my brother only cut the hair off my Cindy doll, when I wouldn't let him cut mine.
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Oh god. Flashbacks.

I took this incident one step farther though and, after a discussion with a school-friend regarding our mutual desire for fringes, proceeded to try and cut her one. We were about 5 and her mother was so very, very unimpressed with my hairstyling skills.
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This is so cute it hurts!
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One of the first little girls I took care of regularly as a babysitter cut her own bangs. I came over as usual one night, saw the short, short bangs and this followed:

"Oh, Chantal! Did you cut your own bangs?"

She said softly, "yes," and I was started asking her about it. Why did she do it, were her mom and dad mad when they found out, etc. She was reticent to say anything because she said, "my mom and dad would be mad if I talked about it." I was puzzled, her parents took off for dinner, and I started asking more questions. It dawned on me that Chantal had just cut her hair before I arrived and her parents were unaware of this. When I pressed her about why she did it, she said she wanted to make me something.

"Make me something?" I asked. "Chantal, did you make me something with your hair?"

"Yes," she said.

"What is it?" I asked. "Where did you put it?"

She reached under the chair in the living room, and brought out a piece of paper she had cut into an oval-ish shape and coloured. She'd taped a lock of hair on either side of the oval.

"It's a bird," she said, "I cut my hair to make the wings."
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