Come Again?
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The Second Second Coming As The Stone Roses prepare to open their series of 3 homecoming concerts tomorrow at Manchester's Heaton Park, a timely look at the band, their influences and their (Tron) legacy. Look out for Metafilter favourite Peter Serafinowicz as Morrissey and Simon Cowell. (slyt)
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The 'transcribed' subtitles are actually far funnier than the video.
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Something has happened to The Stone Roses and it’s not good. Over the past week a battle has been taking place over who owns the rights of any professional photographs taken of the band during their forthcoming reunion concerts.
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I loved - loved - the Stone Roses in the early 90s, and I can understand why they can't accept what happened to them, even now. But the moment is long gone.
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Noel is spot on
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The Second Second Coming

Oh, this is pitch perfect satires.
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They made one great album, but even back then they were (apparently) crap live.
I'd rather see a reunion concert of Inspiral Carpets. Or even Ned's Atomic Dustbin
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"And the rest, they say... happened after that."
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Never understood why even that dull and dreary first record was a hit, to be honest. Didn't get it all. "She Bangs the Drum" was a pleasant, middling sort of song; "Fool's Gold" just sounded like a slightly stoned sixth form band having a bit of a jam before getting down to proper rehearsal. The rest of the album fell somewhere between those levels. Absolutely did not get the fuss, at all.
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I sat next to mani at an fa cup final a few years ago. He as very drunk. Beyond lovable scamp drunk and into total arse drunk.

Anyway, someone came up to him at half time and demanded that the stone roses got back together. Mani set off on a massive rant about how he didn't need any money off "c*nts like you" because he was already so f'ing loaded. Then he swung a punch at him, missed and fell over the seat in front of him ontop of an old man... which he and his group found uncontrollably amusing.

Well what's my point... I guess guess he's spent up and needs some more money off the c*nts :)

I only saw them live twice, they were brilliant. They sounded terrible, sure, but if you want something that sounds good you're normally better off with a studio album. Their live shows were never about musical accuracy. My brother went to spike island. I skipped it. I feel like I skipped woodstock or something...
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I'd rather see a reunion concert of Inspiral Carpets. Or even Ned's Atomic Dustbin

Throw in Carter The Unstoppable Sex Machine and Pop Will Eat Itself and I'll gnaw off one of my own limbs for a ticket.
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The photography policy sounds totally unreasonable.
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That was great, thank you.

I swear i saw on songkick that ned's was touring again. Oh, yes, here's one show with CUSM. And, holy crap, PWEI is doing a show with Wonder Stuff and Jesus Jones. Inspiral Carpets are on again somewhere too. I would LOVE to go to all of these, but I am on the wrong continent.

so I guess it's this era's turn for reformation tours. I am mostly okay with that, I was so very happy to see Mark Gardener last week. I'm okay with not getting to see the Stone Roses, however much I loved them. Thanks too, to item for posting the doco link - nice cup of tea and a stone roses doco coming up for me.
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Needs a Peter Hook cameo. Otherwise excellent.
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Is this the '90s thread? Excellent.

I loved the first Stone Roses album too. About half the songs are solid gold classics. I think I listened to the second album once or twice.

I'm so pleased to find out Carter are back. Aquaducksmrinov (or whatever it was) lacked a certain kind of magic.

But the new Poppies... The album is okay, but it's only one original member, and it sounds like they're trying too hard. I would still go and see them, as I missed them way back when, twice, and it still annoys me I could not afford the $15 ticket.
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This is going to be one of those posts in which 90% of the commenters clearly haven't clicked on the link it, isn't it?
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This is going to be one of those posts in which 90% of the commenters clearly haven't clicked on the link it, isn't it?.

Oh yes.

They probably should though. Else they'll never know the dangers of picking a fight with Tears for Fears.
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Oh, Damien you are a wag
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