Running a pirate radio station is like the army, but you're still allowed to wear your own clothes and you don't really need to do any exercise.
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Quite too many youtubes for a "pirate" anything ?
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"Kurupt FM is actually a play on words. We took the word "corrupt" and replaced the C with a K."

A brilliant marketing ploy ... It has now become clear why I am not cut out for pirate radio.
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Very good, only half way through the second video now. I would imagine it's hard to find the humour unless you know some muppets like this . Completely different to, but reminded me of the Irish show hardy bucks.
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Y'all know these guys are taking the piss, right?
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Where are they taking the piss to?
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I thought this would be about the con-tro-ver-sial French rap group Sniper…!
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People Just Do Nothing - iplayer for all my Brit crew, check it out Monday, peace bros (Fuck DJ Funky!)
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Where are they taking the piss to?

Nan's house, of course. It's what powers that sweet, sweet gabber.
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Hahaha ...
5) Subs

Subs are vital to keep everything running; they cover the cost of things like rent or electricity. I pay my nan £200 a month and she lets us use the back room. She's deaf, so the noise doesn't really bother her, plus she gets stoned for free cos we basically hotbox the whole flat. If DJs try and get out of paying their subs I'll say to them that they are going to get my nan's electricity cut off and will be held personally responsible if she dies from falling over in the dark.
I was always jealous whenever I went down to London at the huge array of prate stations on air. Not sure why Glasgow – which although not London-sized is still pretty big – never managed to start, let alone sustain, a pirate culture. It's geographically big enough, there are shitloads of tower blocks for aerial placement, and enough bams into various types of high-bpm drugfuck dance music that don't have an outlet for it. Yet it never happened.
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Any excuse for linking to this
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Hold tight Flip Flop.
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