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Click Your Way Through the Impossibly Average World of the Workplace! Choose Your Own Adventure: Office Edition [via]
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That was a great way to let me click through a bunch of pages on their site; much like those 21 one-at-a-time item lists. On the other hand, you get to be pretty much of a jerk to a Sphinx, so perhaps we all deserve it.
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Heh, this reminds me a bit of Little Blue Men. I have genuinely surprised myself with how delightful I'm finding the OH SHIT MAGIC angle.

Oh! And I was sad I couldn't link it as an FPP, but a friend of mine has a new tumblr where he's posting death scenes from CYOA, Fighting Fantasy books and the like.
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YOUR DAILY FREE TIP FROM THE ARACHNOPHOBIC PRO GAMER TIP LINE: For the love of god don't use the second stall.
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I was going to post a link to You chose Wrong anyway, so you're off the hook, griphus.
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I died of starvation (???)
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Ugh I died twice: the boss killed me and then the printer exploded. :( Why couldn't I get any cool endings? (Unless there aren't any cool endings.)
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Those are pushpins, not thumbtacks.
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I'll have to try this out later... but for now there's work to do :(
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Also, obligatory.
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I truly hope the major news outlets pick up on this as a page-view-inflation technique; it's much more interesting than simply splitting articles into a list of fifteen pages. Imagine if every news article were written like this.
the secretary said on Tuesday. Details could not be confirmed at press time, but sources in the White House were quick to laud the President's daring new plan to


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Woot! Hells yeah magic crystal defeating snake boss leaving at 4:30! I have deafeated another day of my increasingly meaningless life!
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Typical day at work, got eaten by a snake.
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I slept in the bathroom all day and went home and ate half a pizza.

I work right by College Humor and always see the guys from their skits. It's like that half recognition -- do I know you? Are you famous or do I know you?
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