Magnetic Resonance Baby Imaging
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German obstetricians carried out a study to
describe the relationship between the fetus and the pelvis as the fetus travels through the birth canal, using an open magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scanner.

"The woman tolerated the discomfort during labor well and her postpartum course was uneventful. She was discharged with her newborn 2 days after delivery. The pediatric screening examinations, including auditory tests, did not reveal any abnormalities."

Read the study here (html, may be behind paywall)
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From the accounts I've heard, the relationship can be safely described as "hostile."
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Go science!
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[more inside]

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MRIs are apparently a useful tool for making everything look all HR Giger-y.
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oh god i <3 my c-section
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Poor kid is going to spend the rest of his life fighting an inexplicable yearning to crawl back into MRI machines.
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If ever a video could have been soundtracked with "I Want to Break Free", this was it.

An opportunity missed, German doctors.
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I can't imagine the level of self-control it would take to lie still in an MRI during the pushing phase of labor. I didn't even have the self-control to keep my damn gown on.
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(Oh. It was an OPEN MRI. Ah. Makes much more sense now. Carry on.)
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This baby was born inside a giant electromagnet. Have decades of comic books taught us nothing? This is how supervillains are created.
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I just saw Prometheus. This was scarier.
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I could not stop whispering, "Ow, ow, ow, ow, ow..." until it was over. I'm in my office, or I'd probably be screaming. This is reason #42 why I am really, really happy I've never had a baby and never will.
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I have no idea how these people got their birth canals wedged in their scanners, or why.
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Christ, what a birth canal.
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tolerated the discomfort

Worst description of childbirth ever.
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EndsOfInvention: "tolerated the discomfort

Worst description of childbirth ever.

If my second wife was any example, "Did not open the veins in her wrists with her teeth," is probably closer to the truth.
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I guess "tolerated the discomfort" is trying to be respectful.
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Oh my God, the eyeballs!
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It is fascinating to see just how inefficient the actual process appears to be...
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Eyebrows McGee: "Oh my God, the eyeballs!"

I was too distracted by how much the baby butt kind of makes it look like she's delivering a turkey to notice the eyeballs, but upon second viewing, I can't unsee that and OH THE COMEDY. I want someone to Photoshop in a monocle and a top hat or something.
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I tried to google up a good presentation of Stanislav Grof's birth trauma theory but all I could come up with in a minute is this. I am oversimplifying a fascinating bit of theoretical psycho speculation, but Grof has a personality typology based upon the main variety of agony the individual had during their birth experience.
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I was thinking how did they ever get a woman to agree to this, and then I remembered I agreed to letting my first delivery be an experiment. When you're young, you have no idea...
Anyway, I honestly don't think it's that bad. This doesn't mean I think it isn't terrible for anyone, contrariwise, I have friends who suffered endless pain during childbirth. It's just that it isn't terrible for everyone. One of my cousins seems to just pop babies out, with hardly any pain or strain at all.
If it isn't edited, this seems to be a really easy delivery. The mother seems quite relaxed despite the contractions and the baby too. I guess they aren't ever going to get a scan of a really bad situation - that would obviously be unethical.
And it is really fascinating that our bodies are made to deal with child-bearing and child-birth, and go back to almost normal. Amazing thing, nature.
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the main variety of agony the individual had during their birth experience.

What about the trauma inflicted upon one's mother because the individual decided on a remarkably inefficient escape strategy (i.e. sideways)?
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Well sonika I was once in a group psychotherapy session where one of the women complaining to the therapist about her relationship with her mother offhand made the comment the birth was difficult. It was over 24 hours of labor and the mother passed out from exhaustion and wasn't considered strong enough to even hold the baby for four or five days she had come so near to death.

And the therapist asked the woman if she had ever seen a cat with a fresh litter of kittens. No. Well the first thing the mother cat does is lick all the goop off the kittens, clean them off, and then *smell* them. The therapist pantomimed the acts of the licking and the smelling. And then the therapist said, very authoritatively (and I know nothing about obstetrics but this may be total bullshit) that the mother has to *smell* the newborn right away in order to seal the mother to child bond.

The woman with the woes screeched "oh my god!"
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There's a whole school of thought, especially in Attachment Parenting communities, about birth bonding... so I know what you're getting at. However, were this a universal thing, one would expect to see more issues with adopted children and children who couldn't be with their mothers due to health issues - being in the NICU and such - and I'm just not seeing a correlation. Perhaps the birth experience was the first piece in a larger puzzle, sure, but I'm really not seeing any evidence that bonding within the first hour - with no other factors accounted for - specifically sets the stage for one's future well-being.

That said, they couldn't hand me that baby fast enough. If he ever needs therapy later in life, it won't be for lack of snuggles I tell you what.

(And when I mentioned difficult birth - I wasn't kidding either. I was in labor for 47hrs and pushed for five. If my son's got issues from this - well... he shouldn't have had his head sideways in my pelvis is all I've got to say to him.)
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Then there are the little one's who settle in backasswards.....
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