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Tracy Widdess is an Canadian artist who makes amazing knitted masks of sci-fi characters and other things. There's a short interview with her on punkdaddy.

This is via my friend, Sibyl, who really should join Metafilter.
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Very cute, but that is NOT the Jabberwocky.
posted by sammyo at 4:32 PM on July 2, 2012

Looks kinda like a Jabberwocky to me.
posted by MrBobaFett at 4:46 PM on July 2, 2012

These are quite amazing.

I wish that football fans would make (or commission) masks like these and wear them to football games. I mean, probably a face-hiding mask would be poorly received on game day, but why not a gigantic yarn cheese hat for Green Bay Packers fans?

There are always like five shirtless guys in body paint on sub-freezing November morning, and the color commentators seem to regard these fans as being "completely out there." That's not out there. "Out there" is a prosthetic yarn mouth covering that depicts the wearer devouring a yarn effigy of the opposing team's best player.

Anyway, these are great, and I am happy they exist, and I hope the idea spreads far and wide.
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I think I've seen some of these on Regretsy, right? They're very cool. It's a pity her website doesn't have photos of each piece being worn by someone, they look about a thousand times weirder on an actual person's head and shoulders.
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I wonder how much she prices these at, considering they each take a month to knit...
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What a talented woman! These are awesome!!!
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The eyes are great and scary.
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These are amazing! I feel like actually wearing them in public might lead to an arrest for disturbing the peace or something.
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These are super great. Things like this make me want to pick up knitting again. Although it strikes me that some of the stuff would be easier constructed through crocheting.
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I am now on my second crocheted mask after reading this thread. The first one came out ok. I have some technical deficiencies for sure.
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Jonbro, any chance you might share a picture of your first mask? I was surprised that this thread didn't draw more interest, but am very happy to see that it inspired someone to try something neat.
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Oh sure! I wasn't sure about the rules of posting things outside of mifi projects, but I guess I will post and let the hammer fall where it may...

The hat.

I made it from a pattern that I found on ravelry for a dr who character ski mask. The one I am doing now is just me kinda going nuts / having fun.

This guy does some similar masks / shawls that I find pretty exciting.
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another cool mask, a friend of a friend "bought it in equador". I assume that means there are more than one of these insane masks.
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Wow, those are great! Thanks for sharing.
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