Sony GT3/K.
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Sony GT3/K. Part digital video camera, part Crusoe based notebook. Swivel screen, 680,000 pixel CCD, variable aperture, 30 gig hard drive. 17 hour battery life. Yours for $2899
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Dynamism imports all sorts of Japan-only computers to the US and Canada.
Their product page for this device is here.
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That is certainly cool..but the convergent device i'm looking for is when I have a cell phone (pref 3G, so it's got a couple megabit connection), PDA, and 2-3mpixel digicam all in a device about the size of my palm pilot. Then I could take pictures and publish them to the web automagically.

I guess I'm just not enough of a video camera geek :)
posted by chacal at 1:36 PM on October 23, 2001

What are you people trying to do to me?

First the Treo, then the iPod.

Now this? You're a bunch of cruel bastards, that's what you are.
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It mounts on a tripod, people!

Is there no God? I need, I need.
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Hmm... I can get a Powerbook G4 and a good DV camera for a comparable price. Or an iBook and a camera for much less.
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And the Macs will have iMovie built in.
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ColdChef: i agree, a cruel CRUEL world

looks like r2-d2 has given birth
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that is just ridiculous.. with a capital RIDICULOUS.

and i thought my t-900 pager was pretty high-tech...
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I dunno, this seems like it would go over well in Japan, but aside from the geek market, I don't think it will fly here in the states.

It seems a bit unweildly. Like the portable bathroom thing that the kid's father had in the first Gremlin's movie (c'mon, you remember, don't you?).
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For three grand, I would expect a little more than a crappy 680,000 pixel CCD.

The built-in camera made this notebook unique, and they screwed it up by building in a pretty crappy one.

If the camera was comperable in quality to E-10 or something like that, I would buy it on the spot. It would be soooo great for digital photography. You could actually see your photos as you take them.
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17 hour battery life? Yeah right. Not if that screen is turned on at all during that time.
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its got stereo speakers... hehehe. And it says battery life is 2-5 hours on a normal batter, 10-17 on a "quad capacity battery" whatever that means.
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