Now to 'scape the serpent's tongue,
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"We will make amends ere long; / Else the Puck a liar call; / So, good night unto you all." Brian of Britanick (also the team responsible for Eagles Are Turning People Into Horses) tries to recite the final lines of A Midsummer Night's Dream with a little help from his friends Nick Kocher and Dani Puddi posted by codacorolla (12 comments total) 16 users marked this as a favorite
I enjoyed that a lot.
posted by bleep at 6:30 PM on July 2, 2012

Danny Pudi, isn't it? (Sorry.) Funny!
posted by Occula at 6:30 PM on July 2, 2012 [1 favorite]

How is the Danny Pudi involvement not your lead, here?
posted by redsparkler at 6:31 PM on July 2, 2012

I kinda just want to watch this guy recite Shakespeare.
posted by PhoBWanKenobi at 6:34 PM on July 2, 2012

I think I need to see this at least five more times to catch everything. That's some pretty tight scenework, right there.

Although truth be told, I would've liked the Danny Pudi appearance to be more of a surprise, myself.
posted by Strange Interlude at 6:39 PM on July 2, 2012

Danny Pudi, isn't it? (Sorry.) Funny!

Yep, apparently I was convinced that you spelled his name otherwise. At least the tags reflect the correct spelling.
posted by codacorolla at 6:50 PM on July 2, 2012

Danny Pudi! Hooray!
posted by epj at 7:00 PM on July 2, 2012

So who was in the hand?
posted by maryr at 7:09 PM on July 2, 2012

I almost passed over this. I'm glad I didn't. That was fantastic. Thanks for the link.
posted by Popular Ethics at 7:45 PM on July 2, 2012

"that old black police detective Abed was playing was right..."
posted by dry white toast at 8:19 PM on July 2, 2012

The next time anyone says that their movie could have been better if only they had a bigger budget, I'm going to think about this short. Nothing more complicated than a white infinite and some minor special effects, but it was witty and clever and well-executed.
posted by Sticherbeast at 11:43 AM on July 3, 2012

That was pretty good. I'm not sure I would have stayed to the end without the Danny Pudi mention in the post, but I'm glad I did.
posted by Gordafarin at 12:46 AM on July 4, 2012

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