SECRET CINEMA. Tell everyone.
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London underground film group Future Cinema exploded into public consciousness this week with the news that their Secret Cinema run of Prometheus outsold the BFI, the usual box-office champion.

Secret Cinema started beneath London Bridge in 2007. Only the location was announced; the chosen film was a mystery until it started rolling. Since, Secret Cinema has hosted over 120,000 people across 17 different events – primarily older/classic films.

With Prometheus, the Future Cinema team received a blessing from Ridley Scott for a secret screening of a first-run film. 25,000 audience members were immersed in the world of Prometheus, starting by signing up for a mission with BraveNewVentures. Once at the secret location, audience members not only watched the film but experienced it within movie-set surroundings.

Live Cinema is Future Cinema's next evolution. Secret Screenings expands on the success of the Prometheus experiment today in London and in NYC in the Autumn.
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I went to this on the second day, evening showing. It was amazing. The experience of the buildup and the pre-unveiling activities was admirable. Their attention to detail was exquisite and my friends and I had a fantastic time. They try really hard to create an immersive environment and it was really fun running around the warehouse on all these different "missions". This was the third Secret Cinema I've attended, and the best so far and I keep raving about it to all my friends.

Shame the movie sucked.

Well it didn't completely suck: it was really cool when I saw stuff in the movie that matched the pre-film experience (ie "Oh THOSE are those crazy big vehicles down in the basement!" "Haha, yeah that explains why Lawrence of Arabia was projected on that wall!" "Ohhhhh that tall blonde chick in the silver suit in that weird room was Charlize Theron!"
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So did you go around touching everything then?
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$54 for a movie ticket is pretty steep, but the audience sounds happy enough. However:

the actual screening of the film isn’t that different from the experience you’d have at a traditional movie theater — the film is still projected onto a big screen and features advertisements at the beginning

$54 and they still show ads? Really?
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Every film has ads here in the UK.
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So did you go around touching everything then?

Actually, now that you mention it, yes we were invited to touch ALL THE THINGS. At one point I was tasked with running around with an open petri dish with some gunky gunk trying to find Holloway. I'm tellin' ya, their attention to detail was flawless.

On preview: not only were there ads but the chairs were REALLY uncomfortable. I think I just consider the price comparable to a great, interactive night out where you happen to also watch a movie.
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Every film has ads here in the UK.

Do you mean previews of coming films, or ads for candybars and cars and, I don't know, fast food? Because I can see paying for an expensive, full-immersion experience and getting some previews, but I can't see being happy about paying that and being shown ads.
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I want to say we were shown a fancy car ad... I honestly don't remember (money well spent by the car company, eh?)
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For $54, every movie should have a happy ending.
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Or *any* ending, actually, would have been nice.
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Every film has ads here in the UK.

(Almost) every film has ads here in the US, too, but we don't generally pay $54 to see them.
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Oh very cool. This sounds like a close relative of Sleep No More, which I saw twice in Boston, but with cinema, too.
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Every film has ads here in the UK.

Theatres like the Electric Cinema don't show previews or commercials.
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Some of the films shown in the Cinema in the Square don't have ads, in Shrewsbury, and none of those shown in Theatr Gwaun, Fishguard, by the film society (Thursdays). They also have to stop and change the roll of film for long films, whereas in Shrews it's all digital. Shrews is tiny, in historic building, ace cafe and most comfortable seats i have ever had in a cinema - six quid when i lived there in 2010. Theatr Gwaun is cheaper, but not as lush. It's an old theatre or picture palace. (Spelling&word order=Welsh)
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Prometheus concept art
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