"I just want people to see it, and tell me what a good boy I am."
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Gerry Matthews, the voice of Sugar Bear, created and curates the Museum of Un-Natural History.
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I'm especially fond of the Christian Supply Six Pack, to be found in Gallery 2, fourth picture from the left in the top row.

There are four photos of it, one from each side (you can see these alternate by clicking the links in the top left of your browser window while looking at an object -- many objects have them).
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I always thought Sugar Bear should have a little silver spoon on a chain around his neck. And be an A&R guy from the 70s.

Just me?
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Not to be confused with this Museum of Unnatural History, the DC outlet for Dave Eggers' 826 project.
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This is awesome.
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Gerry Matthews' Sugar Bear is, IMO, the SECOND best cartoon Bing Crosby impression, the first being Maurice LaMarche (better known for his Orson Welles as The Brain) in "Taz-Mania" as Taz's usually-golfing dad, Hugh. But then I always had a weakness for that second-tier WB toon series since it also featured a wolf named Wendell whose voice was an impression of Woody Allen. And when you're basing characters on both Bing Crosby and Woody Allen, that's pretty edgy for a '90s kids cartoon.
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And when you're basing characters on both Bing Crosby and Woody Allen, that's pretty edgy for a '90s kids cartoon.

Don't forget Taz's uncle, based on Bob Hope.
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Bing Crosby was from Spokane. I've been to his childhood home. It's now filled with offices for the Alumni Association of Gonzaga University. There are pictures on the wall, and it's still very home-like.

But what I'm really excited about is that I will be in Walla Walla in two weeks, and I'm going to visit this museum!
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Ah...yet another bizarre museum I wish I could visit. Reminds me of the Museum of Jurassic Technology.
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My insane ex-girlfriend named her cat "Snuff". So ... death? Or dangerously concentrated tobacco? No idea .

Anywaze ... when she abandoned the premises, she left the snaggle-toothed nut-job cat she had somehow created behind. Naturally,I then had the task of properly socializing the poor paranoid thing.

The only way I could get him to come near me was by letting him lick empty fruit bowls. When he started interacting with me after being fed mango, and papaya and cantaloupe that commercial popped into my head, so I re-named him Sugar Bear.

Used to sing the song to him, actually.

After a few years with me, he finally allowed other people he knew to interact with him; but you had to move slowly. But what followed that was the strangest thing I've seen, I believe. When I moved from the old neighborhood down here onto the Drive, Sugar Bear suddenly became the most forward, outgoing and affectionate kitteh you ever saw. I'm talking a one day transformation here. I'd come home from work, and there would be the local street people, or the bottle collector ladies, or some families from up the block; hanging out in the yard, and petting the old rascal.

The best evidence of this personality makeover ever though was when I was awoken one Sunday morning at 6 am by a horn blaring outside my window, which went off every minute. After the third blast, I got up; all ready to explain to some dipstick that blasting your horn at 6 am was not a good a plan. Coming out onto the deck, I spot Sugar Bear. The dipstick is laying in a sunny spot. in the middle of the road, and just refusing to move for the taxi-driver. Who, of course, can't believe this shit from a cat.

"Fuck you, its warm here. I ain't movin'. "

Here's the snaggle-toothed scan.
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Oaky, actually saw the museum in real life today.

Seriously worth seeing in person. The website is cool, but doesn't come close to what these things look like in real life.

I got to shake Gerry's hand, too. Nice guy.

I will certainly be dragging people here with me if I can get them down to Walla Walla with me. Great fun, little hidden treasure in downtown.
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