World's largest musical Tesla Coils
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Your music played through giant Tesla Coils in Cleveland Ohio.

The Tesla Orchestra is currently playing your music on the world's largest twin musical tesla coils!
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Groovy! Someone should alert Jack White.
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There needs to be a your favorite band sucks... when played through giant Tesla Coils meme.
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Thank god John Freshwater didn't know about these things.
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(sorta previously)
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Conventional melodic music doesn't seem to work very well when played on a tesla coil. Seems like noise music of some kind would work a lot better.
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"I twitched involuntarily when Igor reached to pull the rainbow-colored switch marked NYAN CAT...."
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Somewhat smaller in size, but greater in number is Arc Attack. The Tesla Orchestra has a pair of (guessing) 15 foot tall coils. Arc Attack uses 4 coils around 8 foot tall. Here is a recording of also sprach Zarathustra, from the show they did at last years NYC Maker Faire.
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Why do I hear about this after the submission process is over? GRRR
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