What happens when you get your stockings in a bunch
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Dutch artist Rosa Verloop's disturbing humanoid figures are made out of nylons all pinned together.
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Yikes! That's kind of unnerving. Given the cut backs, BBC props department should contract her for the next season of Doctor Who.
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Holy hell! That was startling.
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Also, Hans Bellmer.
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Bros made of hose
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This is cool looking, but if you think props departments should contact her, you've got it backwards.

My mother used layers of pantyhose over foam rubber, painted/shaded with spray paint, to make giant faces, prosthetic torsos, and so on, for theater back in the 80s. While my mom is a creative lady, I'm pretty sure she didn't invent this technique, it's likely it was common quite a while before that.
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Reminds me of dried up apple doll faces.
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Also Sarah Lucas
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Yup that is definitely frickin' creepy.
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They're kinda like fancy pickled people.
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I have one of those big soft back craft books from the 70s with directions on making these. Even as happy Santa sculptures, they're still disturbing.
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The Bellmer Photographs that are most similar are from the series he made using his girlfriend Unica Zürn (NSFW)
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They're kinda like fancy pickled people.

Baagh, people do that as gifts? Scary.
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That is great. Disturbing, but great. Not a lot of art really hits me, but this does. I particularly like the first one linked – the one built around the mannequin – for the symbolism and subversion thereof.
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I really want to see a "Faces of meth" style layout going from cabbage patch dolls to this.
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I think I saw figures like this in the Salem Witch Museum* when I was a kid.

* Not really a museum, just a small set of dioramas that lead into a large gift shop.
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