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Exploring The Adventures Of Pete And Pete’s genesis and highlights -- The AV Club talks to Adventures of Pete & Pete creators Will McRobb and Chris Viscardi in this four part series.
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Ah, Pete and Pete. Such genius.
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That was such a weird, cool show. Thanks for this!
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One of my favorite shows. I especially enjoyed the cameos by indie rockers (Syd Straw, Iggy Pop, Gordon Gano, a pre-fame Michael Stipe) and interesting actors (Bebe Neuwirth, Janeane Garofalo, a pre-fame Steve Buscemi).
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"The Call" might be the most amazing episode of television ever made.
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If I was pushed hard enough, I might just claim that Pete and Pete was the best show ever on TV.
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Someday I'll find my Ellen Josephine Hickle.
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"CV: And one final note on that episode that I think is worth mentioning: The character that helped give that show so much appeal, at least to me, is the town of Bayonne, New Jersey. The football field, the bleachers, the Kill Van Kull [a tidal strait between Staten Island and Bayonne]. There’s a certain feel of that kind of New Jersey town that is kind of beautiful, and kind of sad, and kind of lonely. Even when it’s sunny, it’s not completely sunny; there’s always something a little bit shaded about it. I definitely feel like in that episode, more than in some of the others, it really comes through in shining colors, and I always feel like I’m in a really interesting place when I watch that episode.

WM: That’s true. There was a lot of personality to those New Jersey towns that we worked in."

As a kid who grew up in NJ of that era, word.
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I always wondered how they got away with Little Pete's favorite song being about masturbation.

Speaking of which, the whole Polaris soundtrack for Pete and Pete is available commercially and is fantastic.
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I heard Apple is abandoning these guys
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Sadly, The Adventures of Pete & Pete is not available via Netflix streaming.
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I still like to echo Bus Driver Stu and yell "Passengers will refrain from KILLING MY SOUL!"

This series was Krebtastic and it's a damn shame there's no box set available. (I don't think the third season is even out on DVD.)
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With this sort of snowballing, maybe we'll finally get that third season DVD. The reunion clip of Danny Tamberelli and the Blowholes playing "Summerbaby" made me all kinds of happy.
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O.k - so I missed this show growing up but its been popping up in my attention in the past few years. The AV Clubs lauding of it makes me think its something I should watch.
Is this show nostalgia-good or will I , a 32 year old male who likes good things and is pretty forgiving, find it enjoyable?
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Azza, it's both. It was originally popular among college kids, despite being on a kid-oriented cable network, and it's more or less timeless with the exception of the ever-so-nineties music.
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("both" in the sense of "it is inherently very good, and nostalgia only helps it")
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My favorite episode is probably Hard Day's Pete, it's just so atypical. It's a story no one's really told before, in a way that few would try to tell it, and it all works so well. By the end the "villain" isn't even really a villain. I actually don't like most of the no-cartoon shows Nick made at the time, but Pete & Pete is something really special. It'll probably still be watched decades from now, which is a lot more than I could say about Clarissa Explains It All.

To respond to cyphill, it's something that kids don't even think about at that age. And a lot of songs at the time had lyrics that made you scratch your heads if you thought about them, but people didn't really think about them. They Might Be Giants especially was like that, I mean, Triangle Man? Really? Anyway, it helps that the song isn't really explicit, you have to read between lines to get that explanation out of it.
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