Cage Music Walk
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To celebrate John Cage's centenary, 10 pieces of music by 10 different composers have been created, inspired by 10 places close to the Royal Albert Hall.

As part of the Proms for 2012 (previously: 2010), the BBC have created a Music Walk based on the work of John Cage. Via Max Reinhardt of Radio 3's Late Junction.
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Now they know how many minutes of silence it takes to fill the Albert Hall.
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And how many comments it takes before someone makes a 4'33" joke in a Cage thread.
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And how many comments it takes before someone makes a meta-comment in a mefi thread.
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What is the true Meta-Mefi-Cage constant? The next great puzzle in science now that we've gotten the Higgs Boson sorted out.
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How would one design a Mefi-Cage supercollider?
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I don't know for sure what Cage would have thought of the chords of the Curran piece, but I doubt he would have enjoyed it. I know for a fact he would have disenjoyed the jazz elements.

"You stand for allowing anything, so you have to approve of my traditionalism" is so played out.

I usually enjoy Curran, but seeing him do his same old thing in a Cage tribute bothers me.
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The Claudia Molidor piece is exquisite, nice fidelity and encoding, and well worth listening to on something better than computer speakers.

Much more what I would expect from a Cage tribute, though it's relation to the framing concept of capturing a place seems abstract at first listen.
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The David Shepherd piece on the other hand is not only musically appropriate, but also has some aspect of the place in the intro. The extended techniques are also a nice nod to Cage (as an aside, I wish the Cage cliche was "use the instrument wrong" rather than "silence" -- not that I think he should be reduced to some kind of meme).
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Ian Dearden / David Sheppard that is
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The epigraph for the Sawer piece ("where does discarded music go, is there a refuse system?") is all too appropriate, because to my ears it was rubbish.
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