Dark Water
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Underwater Photography by Elena Kalis. This is just one of her projects, other collections can be found here.
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I cannot stand that the pool textured surface is so blatant in many of these photos. In some, the pool stairs and the pool tiles even take main focus. It seems like she's going for an ethereal vibe, and the jarring pebbled pool floor really detracts from the photos (at least, for me).
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I don't mind the pool bottom, and I think the pictures are great, but she can't be a real photographer because her website is way too easy to use. It's like she wants you to look at her pictures or something, god.
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love them...thanks!
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This is great for my Ophelia fetish!
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I didn't really notice the pool surface, and, on second viewing ... I still don't.
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These really remind me of Victorian memento mori photographs.
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I thought it said, "Underwater Photography by Elena Kagan" but alas, I guess she just sticks to playing softball in her spare time.
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