I heard the iPhone 5 is going to be made out of lasers.
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Secrets at Apple's Core A talk by Adam Lashinsky (Fortune's editor at large) about how Apple has become the most admired (and secretive) company in the world.
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(Full) transcript appears to be available right under the 'fullscreen' button of the video window for the textually inclined, and looking for it.
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Lashinsky's book Inside Apple is a fabulous read. Also check out his articles at Fortune which include articles that became parts of the book
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When I saw this posted, I was let out a small groan because I expected some basic fan-boy recitation of Jobs-As-Prophet and all that crap. After 10 minutes, I couldn’t turn the thing off. It was a really engaging speech and touched on areas I really had not heard much about. Particularly the core company culture and how it relates to the average Infinite Loop worker.

Well worth an hour of my time and will watch it again as I was working at the same time and did not give it my full attention.
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His book is great. Really rang true with my (more limited) experiences covering Apple in Silicon Valley.
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That transcript is huge and unformatted, so I dumped it on pastebin and tried to format it into paragraphs. Should be a bit more readable.
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This is good and I especially appreciate the pastebin, but this doesn't seem as provocative or surprising as it once must have been.
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Thanks very much, Pope Guilty - I had started doing that, but technical issues curtailed me.

Yes, it does ring true. I have strong (and for those who work with me, vocal) objections to a great deal of Apple journalism, and also a massive lack of respect for Apple in the way it cultivates bad journalists as marketing tools. This, as with so many other things, marks the company out as a powerful and cynical distorter of the facts. For that to work, you need iron discipline throughout the company - many others try and be as evil as Apple, but all fail. It's the North Korean model of management or, if you like, the Saudi Arabian model - as in this case, there are massive resources to keep things on the road. That helps. A lot.

Will the company survive the loss of the Great Leader? Depends what you mean by survive, but as this sort of company? No. It will have to have a Cupertino Spring, or implode.

You just can't be that evil without an evil genius. Tim Cook et al, who are master henchmen, do not qualify.
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Every company tries to present themselves in the best light, but it sounds like you're talking about something a lot bigger. What sort of facts are they evilly distorting?
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