Like that rectangular shape I got patents for.
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BrainTripping is an "open-ended internet game of storytelling, parody, personality and poetry" in which one writes sentences (and has conversations) in the voices of famous people through the help of a text generator initialized with a database of their writings.
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This is kind of awesome and useless. I'm genuinely pretty charmed by the fact that there's pretty much no actual gamification involved, that there's no real way to interact with other users, and that it's completely unclear why constructing and reading Markov-generated celebrity tweets is supposed to be entertaining.
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As Beethoven might have said, "Yesterday was a most peculiar one with continued sounds of great clouds heard to echo all about the forests and waters of the land."

The author's description of it as "a whimsical experiment" ought to suggest that great hammer blows are called for. Quite possibly its meant for children and other people with an imagination.
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this is via mefi projects

threeants, you said it better than i ever could
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Dr. Phil: I am a bald-headed fraud.

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