2012 Tony Awards Performances
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The cast of The Book Of Mormon provide the opening number, "Hello", for the 66th Annual Tony Awards. This preceeded the celebrated opening number "What If Life Were More Like Theater?" (previously). But there were many other performances that night...

Continuing in order they were performed during the awards ceremony:

Jeremy Jordan and the cast of Newsies: "Seize The Day"

Danny Burstein from Follies: "The God-Why-Don't-You-Love-Me Blues"

Caissie Levy, Richard Fleeshman, Bryce Pinkham from Ghost: "I Had A Life"

John Young and the cast of Jesus Christ Superstar: "Superstar"

Matthew Broderick, Kelli O'Hara and the cast of Nice Work If You Can Get It: "Someone To Watch Over Me / Sweet And Lowdown"

The Year In Plays (includes segments from Peter And The Starcatcher; One Man, Two Guvners, and End Of The Rainbow)

Neil Patrick Harris' medley celebrating 66 years of Best Score award-winning composers

Audra McDonald, Norm Lewis, David Alan Grier and the cast of The Gershwin's Porgy and Bess: "Summertime / I Got Plenty O' Nuttin' / It Ain't Necessarily So"

Steve Kazee, Cristin Milioti, Elizabeth A. Davis and the cast of Once: "Gold"

Ricky Martin, Elena Roger, and the cast of Evita: "The Money Kept Rolling In"

The cast of Godspell: "Day By Day / Light Of The World"

The cast of Hairspray on board The Oasis Of The Seas: "Good Morning Baltimore / The Nicest Kids In Town"

Raúl Esparza and the cast of Leap Of Faith: "Rise Up"

Neil Patrick Harris wraps up the evening in song

Or, if you prefer, a slightly truncated YouTube playlist of all these videos is available, but not in the same order.
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Oh my goodness. At random, I chose Neil Patrick Harris' medley and I haven't smiled that widely in a long time.
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In some of the crowd shots, you can see my husband and I in the balcony!
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And this is the place where roomthreeseventeen gives us a rundown on what it is like to attend the Tony Awards in person versus watching it on television.
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hippybear, very similar, but we see all the creative awards, Best Book and In Memorium while you watch ads.
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a rundown on what it is like to attend the Tony Awards in person versus watching it on television

You are still watching grass grow but you can't watch the ants, feel the wind or hear the kids playing.
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Came here to rag on Ricky Martin for not being as good as Mandy Patinkin, but then, who is? And what was up with Judas in JCS playing it like Tom Jones? An interesting choice, but something about that whole number just didn't work for me. Thank FSM for Audra McDonald.

/My name is Mandy Patinkin. You killed my ensemble number. Prepare to die.
//Yes, I am far too familiar with Andrew Lloyd Webber musicals thanks to a middle school obsession. No, I am not proud of it.
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Funny, I thought Ricky Martin was sexxxxy has hell with his moustache and ability to move that body of his... Of course, he's no Colm Wilkinson, but then Colm never actually did the role on stage as far as I know.
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I am gay for NPH.
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Yep. Same here. Whenever I need a little pick me up, I watch him and Jason Seigel do the confrontation song from Les Mis, and life gets a little bit brighter.
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Aren't we all?
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The revival of Follies was just wonderful, and Burstein aced that role. It was one of those rare times when I see a theatrical performance and wish they could actually work out the rights to preserve it on DVD.
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Follies is brilliant and is one of those Sondheim pieces which is nearly impossible for anyone other than a well-financed professional company to stage, because it is so complicated and demanding with casting and such. Every time it gets staged, I swear I'm going to fly someplace far away to see it, and I never get there. So sad... someday I will get there.

I did get to see Einstein On The Beach this year, so absolutely NOTHING is impossible.
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Oh Lazaruslong, thank you for that clip of the confrontation song - you just made my night. I'm very impressed - their accuracy speaks to many an on set Les Mis singalong.

Hippybear! I got to see Einstein on the Beach just last month - awesome, huh?
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I personally am holding out for Laurie Anderson doing an encore performance of United States.
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Holy crap. I clicked the link to "Money Kept Rolling In" because it's the one I am most familiar with and I swear I had not even looked to see who it was before I came back to whine that it was absolutely, unspeakably dreadful. That was excruciating.

I was fortunate enough to see the original Broadway cast lo those many years ago; I was no older than 10 (possibly we went for my 10th birthday, in fact) and I sat there with my jaw on the floor, the performances were so stunning. I realise that the likes of a Patti LuPone and Mandy Patinkin pairing is never going to be repeated but surely there are hundreds if not thousands of unemployed musical theatre professionals to cast from without having to scrape summer stock.
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That Book of Mormon is the HOTTEST chorus line I've ever seen. There ought to be a name for the perversion where you get the biggest turn-on from the most uptight conservative looks.
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From the makers of "Gay or Eurotrash" and "Lesbian or German Lady", it's "Mormon or Homosexual"!
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Apparently, it's not just me... Watched this video of NPH's monologue after this bit, and his opening joke was:

"Welcome to the 66th annual Tony Awards, or as we like to call it, fifty shades of gay."

Really, the Tonys are a bit like the American version of the Eurovision Song Contest.
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Oh how I wish I had more opportunities to attend Broadway shows.
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stray: yeah, I also saw it in Toronto. It was a lifetime-wish-fulfillment moment for me, and I was in tears by the end of it. I'm still living partly in the strange altered state of reality it put me in.
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Man the Tonys just INVADED the neighborhood. Huge street blockades, police everywhere, a complete parade style barricade up by noon with people camping out along the road, busses showing up and dumping grandmothers with cameras and teenagers in prom dresses, sudden bursts of mass cheering when people exited cars and so, so many male coupes with matching pocket squares. iPad no idea what was going on so just, like, going to pick up some milk turned into an adventure.
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Actually the age if the crowd of people standing outsid the theatre is what got me, Disney hath wrought an entire generation of Musical Theatre Is A Thing youths.
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I am gay for NPH.
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Funnily enough, I'm straight for him. He just has that effect.
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Hell, I'm even gay for Mandy Patinkin. But, who isn't?
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