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Indian Dubstep is a fun little dance routine by Gerardam, two brothers from India, Johnnathan and Joshua Gerard. Via Ministry of Manipulation, who say, "... this is what happens when two clowns become excellent dancers." Johnnathan composed the music.
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That was damn cool, I liked the glove fighting.
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Some fun ideas in this video.
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Kicks my doing the robot to the curb. . . Also, these two have Ehlers-Danlos, or some kind of hypermobility syndrome. Glad they found something to do with it.
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Oh hey! Drew (of Ministry of Manipulation) is my sister's husband and he reads MeFi - I'm not sure if he has an account here or not, but small world.
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Then there are the Twilight Players, a band of Brit-Indian dancers who had a lot of success in the West for many years now, but had eventual popularity in India after their recurring background motif in the the 2009 movie, Dev D. (They're shown as if they are background ministrel singers in the movie; quite an effective creative flourish)
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Thanks, divabat - I see that Drew is indeed "mefi's own" - yay, I have enjoyed your site for some time. Happy to have you here, guy!
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Many thanks for the post madamjujujive.
Hi, Divabat - wave.
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