Powerpoint invades the NFL:
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Powerpoint invades the NFL: "The way they do it with the PowerPoint, it livens up meetings and makes them more interesting". Imagine the sideline hijinks when all the plays disappear because of SirCam! What kind of coach would Vince Lombardi be if he had a setup like this? I still miss the glow puck from hockey, but I could do without the "virtual billboards" all over the darn field. Should computers and sport mix?
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Only if it's Cyberball.
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I have to say, from the perspective of a baseball fan with no cable, in a town without a major league team, it's hard to argue against ESPN.com's pitch-by-pitch gamecast. It's so much fun to sit silently at a computer for ten minutes and then jump up screaming "Home Run! Home Run! Edgar Martinez hit a two run homer!!!" to the unadulterated joy of all your roommates.
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The virtual 1st down marker in the NFL is a fantastic addition to the broadcast. It's noticeable, but it doesn't distract from the game, and it helps the viewer.

The glow puck was a terrible idea as it distracted from the game itself by making you watch where the puck WAS, not where it was going.

The virtual billboards are a bit scary, and I hope that the league is able to veto/control what billboards go where.

Cyberball? That machine must have sucked 1/2 my money and 3/4 of my time in my freshman/sophmore years at university.
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As someone who isn't a hockey fan, I watched only when the glowpuck was around. I could actually follow the game for a change. I love the first + 10 marker too, but I hate when they add a sponsor to it.

The most egregious example of "virtual billboarding" I ever saw was a tennis match on FoxSports where the ENTIRE playing area was covered with the FoxSports logo. The ENTIRE thing. I wouldn't be surprised if they started inserting video ads on players jerseys.

"This third down rush was brought to you by Taco Bell: Run for the Endzone. Ding!"

I do love "crazy" stats as well. "Daunte Culpepper averages 9.6 yards a pass when playing at 4 O'Clock when the temperature is between 62-65 degrees". How did people live without that info?
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Glowpuck? Ugh. The worst was when the puck was shot over 90 mph and the glowpuck would leave a bright red trail like a comet. And don't even get me started on the transforming hockey robots that registered goals during the broadcast. Leave it to Fox.
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There is a "cyber-cafe" at the Oakland arena where the Golden State Warriors play. You can check your email whilst watching the game. Which is a good diversion from the pain of watching the Warriors. Actually, the whole arena is a diversion of the game. It's like being in a pinball machine. I guess I digress...
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They don't need an MS product to screw up their plays.

"Ravens (-7 1/2) at Browns: Ravens Coach Brian Billick faults last week's defensive breakdown on team's switch to Linux operating system. Pick: Ravens."
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sure, why not. Technology will merge with sports to the point when televison and internet converge. so we'll soon be able to choose the camera angles we want, see real- time stats flash before our eyes, all while engaging in a chat with fellow fans.
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Not just the NFL. The Department of Defense has been infested with Powerpoint, too.
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