Brautigan Salad
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"In 1968 Richard Brautigan published 'Please Plant This Book' - poems printed on seed packets. I'm growing a living copy...."
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Scroll to the bottom for the poems and related seeds (and nice b/w illustrations).

Or visit this flash version.

Some background on Brautigan's project.

Thanks, mippy. I really enjoyed this.
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Thanks for this post. I am a Brautigan fan and a gardening fan and I see a Brautigan salad garden in my future.
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Thanks for this post. Longtime Brautigan fan. A friend once described him to me as "Mark Twain on acid". I think he had just finished reading Trout Fishing in America.
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Related Brautigan poem:

Lions are growing like yellow roses on the wind
and we turn gracefully in the medieval garden
of their roaring blossoms.

Oh, I want to turn.
Oh, I am turning.
Oh, I have turned.
Thank you.

Unrelated Brautigan poem:

All girls should have a poem
written for them even if
we have to turn this God-damn world
upside down to do it.
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Love Brautigan... "in Watermelon Sugar" is a book you can start reading at any chapter, and read
it as a round. I know a guy who knew him just before he did his Hemmingway Maneuver....
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Thank you for the post! Another big Brautigan fan here.
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There's only one Brautigan I can quote by memory, and it's a short story.

"The Scarlatti Tilt"

"It's very hard to live in a studio apartment in San Jose with a man who's learning to play the violin." That's what she told the police when she handed them the empty revolver.

The only other one might be called CalTech:

I don't care how fucking smart
these guys are.         I'm bored

Troutfishing, Revenge of the Lawn, and The Abortion are my three big faves. I always liked the stories and novels better, though I have a proofreader's copy of Loading Mercury with a Pitchfork.

Cool site. I wish there were photos.
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Hawkline Monster, one of his later ones, is snarkingly good...Confederate General From Big Sur and
Trout Fishing I would say are his most seminal.
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I think my thoughts on Brautigan were tainted by my having read The Abortion when I was in elementary school. I never really wanted to read anything else of his after that...
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Trout Fishing should be read aloud with........well, with just about anyone. I never failed to be moved and touched by his writing and was deeply saddened by his death.
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Unrelated Brautigan poem

Having come in to post that exact same poem, I'll now have to content myself with plugging Keith Abbott's memoir Downstream From Trout Fishing In America.

The author writes of his young son instantly bonding with Brautigan as a "fellow agent of chaos".
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a lovely project. thanks for posting!

December 30

At 1:03 in the morning a fart
smells like a marriage between
an avocado and a fish head.

I have to get out of bed
to write this down without
my glasses on.

- Richard Brautigan

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Troutfishing in America, Richard Brautigan.

Novel, 160x90 cm.
All the text of the novel on one single page.
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Thanks for this. I have loved Brautigan since high school when my favorite teacher (Hey Crow!) pointed me to "Trout Fishing in America" It didn't so much change my life as map out the journey I was already on.
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"All good people dig Richard Brautigan.

They just might not all know that all the other good people do yet."

Listening to Richard Brautigan
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"If you've never read Richard Brautigan or heard a digital accordion .... oh dear."
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"We make a great many things out of watermelon sugar here."
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A site called "" has the entirety of Troutfishing in America (parts 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10) (advertising warning: interstitials and the like)

A favorite selection:

"America needs no other proof. The Red shadow of the
Gandhian nonviolence Trojan horse has fallen across Ameri-
ca, and San Francisco is its stable.

   Obsolete is the mad rapist's legendary piece of candy. At
this very moment, Communist agents are handing out Witness
for trout fishing in America peace tracts to innocent children
riding the cable cars.

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