Every possible joke about balls has been made before, but be my guest
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There are lots of different approaches to making a juggling video. A purist might explore the limits of 3 ball juggling, or try interesting movements with 3 clubs. Others might like to bounce their balls, although it can get a little noisy. Personally, I have a weakness for club passing, whether it's compilations of jugglers' favourite patterns, or jaw-droppingly impressive technical competitions. Fatboy slim's competition to make a juggling-themed music video to one of his songs yeilded some good stuff, and for people into juggling as a hobby, there are some great in-jokes to be found.

Watch a few of the above, go hunting for more, and then go somewhere like here or, better yet, here.
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The "jaw-droppingly impressive" link definitely does what it says on the tin. Wow.
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Juggling is awesome. My crap motor skills means the best I can do is a sloppy three ball juggle, learned through hanging around alt.fan.pratchett meetups, but seeing people who are really into at work is just great.

I like to have a couple of stress balls around at work, so I can amaze my cow-orkers the secret of juggling: knowning to stop just before you drop the ball.
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Fabulous post! Watched and enjoyed every link-- love that there was nothing samey about them.
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*Goes off to google to look for a new set of clubs*
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That three ball juggling video is completely insane. I'm a semi-decent 3-ball juggler and I guess I can do about 80% of the patterns the guy is doing, but the level he's working at is about as far beyond me as you can get.

the secret of juggling: knowning to stop just before you drop the ball

That's just a floor stall. You can recover by throwing the other two balls as high in the air as you can and using the time to pick up the dropped ball, which you can then throw back into the pattern as the other two come down.

Weirdly the trick I do that most impresses non-jugglers seems to be the twist. It's not terribly difficult and it's sometimes a bit annoying that something I had down in a few days gets more attention than (for example) Rubenstein's Revenge.
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I am confused by the 3 ball juggling link. Is that third arm legal for competition?
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Yeah, word, the three-ball guy was so fast his arms were blurred out and it looked like the ball was standing still at points.
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Falcore has obviously taken the red pill.

How do you even fit 4 ball mills variations and stacked boxes with 6's into such a small space? I need a gym to attempt that, he just needs a small closet. :-)
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