"If I swapped all my trips to the Taco Bell for a couple fistfuls of Fromm, I could probably leap over a ravine while catching a frisbee in my mouth."
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Legendary web-strippers Andrew Hussie and Ryan North have traded credit cards. Hussie blogs about North's purchases here. North blogs about Hussie's purchases here. Hilarity ensues.
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Already hilarious, in that Noam Chompksy is a brilliant name for a dog.
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How HIGH do you even have to BE just to DO something like that..................
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This is not at all what I thought was meant by the term "web-strippers", and I am a little disappointed.
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I love both these guys, and this is fantastic. (Even though I'd probably never do this with even my best bro.) I can't quit laughing at You’re making dog food, not a huge weird salad. No dog has ever looked up from its bowl, smacked its floppy dog lips and thought “Ooh, do I detect a hint of cranberry??” and If not I’m honestly not sure what that colour is supposed to be, but since we’re in the United States of America, baby, it’s probably supposed to taste like Doritos® Cool Chill LaffyTaffy Xtreme Blast Featuring Marvel’s Amazing Spider-Man 3D In Theaters Everywhere.
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I expected andrew's blog to be in some proprietary language that he made up over the course of several months, and can only be deciphered via animated gifs, but you don't understand the grammar because you neglected to read the chatlogs.
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What Sternmeyer said. Definitely did not think of comic strips.
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Came in thinking "web-strippers, whuh?", then read a few of the posts and LoLed, thanks Rory
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Guys. Guys. That TrashPan has three handles. Oh yeah, it's already on its way.
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He was a web-stripper,
Three-panel linear narrative, yeah!
It took me so long
to find out,
but I found out
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INCREASINGLY CONVINCED that John or (especially) Jake in Homestuck are partially modeled after Ryan North. Which, since Dave or Bro are partially modeled after Andrew Hussie, is a testament to blah blah blah.

Also this is either a touching display of friendship and trust or mutually assured destruction...
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is a testament to blah blah blah.

Spoilers, man!
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"The hilarity must ensue at a later date," charitably posited the internet grump.
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First I was all like "there's also a stripper named Ryan North? I bet he is the best (most hilarious?) stripper!", and then I realised what was meant.

Anyways, super-extra hilarious way to make my day. Thanks for this.
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I came in hopes of naked pics of T-Rex. I was disappointed.
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If I were Hussie, this is what I would do about the current blog update hiatus, an act I would probably get away with because I would be Hussie:

"Gee whiz, it sure is taking a long time for me to reveal the amazing secret of what the hell Ryan is doing with my credit card. Between Comic Con, a webcomic you may have heard of or indeed worship more than any major religion, and various Very Secret Things, there are literally not enough hours in the day for writing about illbegotten purchases.

So here's the deal.

Send me an email, putting the phrase 'I, [YOUR NAME HERE, POSSIBLY IN ALL CAPS IF YOU SO CHOOSE], AM MERELY MORTAL' (sans quotes) in the subject. This should comprise the entire subject so I can easily identify it. You need not put anything in the body of the message; indeed, I will not read it. Afterward, give someone you trust - perhaps your next of kin - your email account details.

By this point, you may or may not be seeing where I'm going with this, and may or may not be horribly offended.

If you, an officially registered MERELY MORTAL person, die before I begin publishing my backlog of Things a Man Named Ryan Purchased With the Credit Card of a Man Named Andrew, and I recieve an email from your address that includes proof of your death before that date, I will buy your next of kin something nice. With Ryan's credit card, if possible. I say 'if possible' because our whimsical credit-card-related antics may have concluded by that point; what do I know about the ease or difficuly of acquiring proof of death? Very little. That is the answer to that question.

I am seriously considering doing this with the conclusion of Homestuck. Consider this a trial run of what may or may not be the worst idea I or any human being has ever had."
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