Warning Signs
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Warning Signs: A Flickr set of real and imagined warning signs.
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See also Stick Figures In Peril and a previous post on warning signs.
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Double (though from 2006).
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Bicyclists beware of pedestrians with sticks.
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The imagined ones have appeared before, but it's still fun to see where those future flavored warnings ("Nonstandard Spacetime") become the banal technological present: Motivation Hazard; Memetic Hazard; Lack of Internet Connectivity.
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Brought to you by Red Flag.
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There's a sign over by the State Hospital in Austin near the delivery entrance that says CONTRABAND PROHIBITED, which seems like a tautology to me. I should go grab a snapshot.
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Double (though from 2006).

Yeah, looks like there's been a bunch of content added since the original. WARNING: CLEMENCY ZONE.
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Why does it not surprise me that so many of these are British?
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I must post the existential threat sign.
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Shame it's not a group
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Some of these would be useful in The Laundry.
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Motivation hazard: a poppy. Well done.
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Needs a
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My favorite near-to-philosophical road sign was when 20 y.o. me took a big trip overseas to England and Germany. At one point in London I spotted a sign that just said 'Priorities Change Ahead', which seemed like the best description of a spectacular vacation-trip-slash-world-adventure that I could think of.

Well, second best, after the sign we saw earlier that day that said "19' FIRE COCK".
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When I was honeymooning in England, we saw a sign that read "CAUTION: Oncoming traffic in middle of road." I thought that was alarming, then realized it just was the same sign as "One lane road ahead," but phrased to put you on your toes much more acutely. But a couple of months later, my brother won the Best British Road Sign contest by spotting one that read "This intersection has been modified in accordance with the Pedestrian Fatality Mitigation Experiment." (It's an experiment! Hypothesis: you won't die!)
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I liked "Unsuitable for Buses." It's understated in the most British way possible...
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My favorite warning sign is from Bodiam castle: "Please mind where you are walking as there may be bats on the floor."
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