On The Sublime - Louis Armstrong, and Ella Fitzgerald and Oscar Peterson
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Oscar Peterson is a god among men. Thanks, y2karl.
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All these songs -- in these versions -- have been going through my head of late. Hence this post.
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Excellent.... Thanks.
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How Long Has This Been Going On was not going on long enough.
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Peterson plays one of the most elegant jazz pianos I can think of, and his mastery never ceases to take my breath away. Thank you for this!
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What on earth is going on with that picture in the "How Long.." youtube?

not going on long enough
Much respect for the version posted (despite the weird photo manipulation) but here's my favorite rendition, by Brad Mehldau [9m]...
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You know, there are a lot of great jazz bassists in the history of the form. I love 'em all. But in my opinion you just cannot beat Ray Brown.

There's a great video of Oscar Peterson with Ray Brown *and* his replacement bassist in the trio, Niels Henning Orsted-Pedersen (aka NHOP), trading off choruses at Montreaux in 1977. NHOP is super, playing in a much more modern style than Ray, and he looks so cool doing it.

But Ray's solo is so melodic and has such a great tone! NHOP can out-flash him but Ray wins the soul trophy.
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I love Louis Armstrong. The person. Can't stand his singing. Which is too bad because he belongs in the pantheon with other greats of humanity (Ghandi, Mandella, Shakespeare, Einstein et al.)

Armstrong invented the concept of cool. The world had no coolness prior to him. You can draw a direct line between Armstrong and Fonzie. So maybe that doesn't work in his favour, regardless. He was an outstanding person. And Oscar Peterson is no slouch either.
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Louis Armstrong is one of the greatest of all American singers. He is the most subtle of singers, a fountainhead in terms of influence and no one can read a lyric for feeling as he could. I am by no means alone in this opinion, either. So, on this matter, I am very sorry for your loss.
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Perfect. How did you know I needed to listen to this just now?
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These were all posted for the music, not the videos, such as they might be. And, for a fact, I did not stick around to see what they were. I just went from the thumbnails and picked what seemed most inoffensive. My connection is so slow, I never stick around for them to actually load and play.

Maybe I need to post a Kickstarter to get me a smartphone or a tablet or something. Then, I could have a major timesuck of a different magnitude...
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When I was about 12, a friend's dad gave me a cassette of Oscar Peterson's "Night Train" and said "Listen to that". I remember sitting at the top of our stairs (of all places), listening to the tape over and over, and feeling the sensation of swing lifting me for the first time in my life. The joy has never left me. I can't tell if I wouldn't have discovered the world of jazz without this moment, but Peterson made it so easy to fall in love with it.

Thanks for the well chosen sample, and the post. Great reminder of who started it all, for me.
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