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My name is Paul Drye and False Steps is my project blog for a history book of the same name which looks at the Space Race as it might have been. Beginning with what I think to be the very prehistoric beginning of manned space travel (the so-called Magdeburg rocket of 1932) I aim to trace the ways in which people tried to travel to space and came close to accomplishing, all the way through Nazi German rocketry, the post-WWII fallow period, the crazy times of Sputnik through Apollo, the second down time of the 1970s, and the gradual revival of human space programs from then into the present day.
Paul Drye of Passing Strangeness has a new blog about the roads not taken in the space race.
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... the roads not taken in the space race.

Where we're going, we don't need roads!
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Man, I wish this had been up when I had insomnia last night...this is exactly the kind of interesting thing I like to think about instead of whatever is keeping me up. I always wish I could go back and develop more interest in science as a youth so that I had a more foundational understanding of it now and could put things in better perspective, but the history of science and discovery I just find fascinating these days.
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Oh, this is so cool. I wonder how far into the present he'll go. Stuff like Vozdushny Start attempting to launch rockets from an Antonov-124 transport plane.
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