Roots and Branches of Americana
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Ray Wylie Hubbard hosts Roots and Branches weekly live from Tavern In The Gruene for New Braunfels, Texas radio station KNBT 92.1 FM. Two hours of music and interviews with established and up and coming Americana artists.
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And if you have never heard of Ray Wylie Hubbard , this concert film is a great introduction.
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And if you don't have time for a full concert, watch this.
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I *have* heard of Ray Wylie Hubbard, and appreciate this post. Wish I could link you to his cover of "This Morning I Am Born Again" (Woody Guthrie, lyrics; Slaid Cleaves, music), which is simultaneously spooky, rootsy, heartfelt and plainspoken. "Snake Farm," "Rabbit," and "Roll and I Tumble" are all worth checking out.

IIRC, Hubbard is also a producer, and helped Band of Heathens make an album.
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"Snake Farm" has now become a catch-all routine for my husband and I for pretty much everything.
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It just sounds nasty, Kitteh.
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Pretty much is.

Snake Farm is a favourite here too - I'm not very familiar with RWH's work before Growl, but I love the way he writes about women - they are real characters and personalities - equals, and often more-than-equals.
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It's a reptile house.
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Don't watch the crappy video made by the uploader at youtube, but open it and switch back to this tab because Choctaw Bingo is my favorite RWH track (even though it's a James McMurtry song).
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All it takes is some grains of faith, and a few kilowatts of sweat and grace.

(while we're quoting lyrics).

Thank you very much for drawing my attention to this, it is relevant to my interests.

I don't know much about RWH, but part of me suspects that, in his later work, he's doing a Tom Waits - he's so perfect, he must be a construct. Not that I'm complaining, of course.
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Screw him! He's from Texas.
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Never heard of this guy til now, and I think I've found a new musical hero. Thanks for posting.
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Ray Wylie Hubbard. My first introduction was Jerry Jeff Walker's "Viva Terlingu" album and Ray's song "Redneck Mother"
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Well, this looks good. Thanks!
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Great post. I wasn't aware of this show before. I still have a vinyl copy of his Cowboy Twinkies album. This is "Compromise"
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Sweet! I love me some Ray Wylie!
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Love me some Ray Wylie! His latest album is also pretty damn good. A Enlightenment B Endarkenment has joined the rest of the soundtrack in my head and looks to be staying there. And his twitter feed is worth following as well.
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For those just making his acquaintance: "Wanna Rock and Roll." Lust, roadhouse dancing, mayhem and 99 railroad cars. It's a darn catchy murder ballad.
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I'm not a huge devotee, but I've always liked my first introduction to RWH: Conversation With The Devil.
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