Esbjorn Svensson Trio
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In this self-aware, soulful music I found everything I was looking for - and it frequently moved me to tears. It has been four years since the tragic passing of Swedish "jazz" pianist Esbjorn Svensson.

A couple of examples of the Esbjorn Svensson Trio (EST) in action: "Serenade for the Renegade"; Live In Burghausen 2004 - Full Concert(both SLYT)

Today I learned a new posthumous EST album has been released titled "301". Though I haven't expeienced it yet -the NPR verdict: "Usually the posthumous album is a downer, a collection of scraps that don't add much to a legacy, but that's not the case with 301. The new set contains some of E.S.T.'s finest work".
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I had the great privilege of seeing EST play not that long before Esbjörn Svensson died, and it was utterly fantastic. 'Tuesday Wonderland' has been in constant heavy rotation since. Going to sit down and watch the linked concert this evening. Didn't know about this new album either, thanks for the post.
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wow I didnt know he died. I saw them (EST) at Yoshi's in Oakland and the show was just stunning. thanks for the post!
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I learned about EST by reading of Svensson's death. It's terrible how it took his death to bring me so much joy in his music.

He was fucking superb.
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I had no idea that he died. Wow.

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I too learned of EST via radio tributes when Svensson died. I struggle to listen to them without being absolutely heartbroken that I will never get to see them live. Ironically they were due to play Edinburgh (my hometown) within a few weeks.

Suspect I'm now going to spend the rest of this evening watching that Burghausen gig (thanks for the awesome link, incondissonance) and being wistful. I anticipate the involvement of single-malt whisky.
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Thanks for this. I had never heard of them before. Really nice.
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A great loss to mankind.
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> I learned about EST by reading of Svensson's death.

Me too, and I only started listening to them within the last year. Thanks for the post.
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Me three.

Fans of EST might also wish to check out Tonbruket from EST's bassist Dan Berglund.
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