Death, Death, Death, Revolution!
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Mortician Caitlin Doughty - founder of The Order of the Good Death - answers some questions. Episodes: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6. She also writes a very interesting blog. posted by sonika (11 comments total) 40 users marked this as a favorite
Paging ColdChef.
posted by mr_crash_davis at 6:29 PM on July 20, 2012

I was just thinking the other day about making a FPP about her! I've followed her on Facebook for a while now, and the articles she digs up are fascinating. The Ecstasy of Death videos are how I first found her blog.
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*Decay, not Death (paging Dr. Freud)
posted by book 'em dano at 6:33 PM on July 20, 2012

Caitlin RULES. She had some incredible stuff in Fortnight Journal last year.
posted by troika at 8:17 PM on July 20, 2012

These were excellent, thank you! MeFi doing its job.
posted by Mizu at 2:30 AM on July 21, 2012

That was very interesting, and I like her. Thanks. Although may I point out her last name is Doughty, not Doughy.
posted by IndigoRain at 5:45 AM on July 21, 2012

What a sweet project. I mean that, too. Kind, good-hearted.

I agree. She comes right up to the edge of being lulzy and Halloweeny about it, but thankfully stops short of crossing that line.

I just wish she would nix the vocal-fry thing.
posted by gjc at 5:48 AM on July 21, 2012

Mod note: Fixed typo
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She talks a lot about death acceptance but from what I read on her website, she's never actually lost anyone close to her. I could be wrong, but that's basically what she said under "Mission".

There's a difference between thinking you're prepared for death, and being smacked in the fucking face with it when someone you love dies.

There's no amount of being prepared that will help you cope with something like that. You just have to go through the mourning process and hope you come out of it at the other end.
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I thought this bit of text was absolutely fantastic;

"That is what decomposition is. It is the science of sending back everything the universe loaned you. The universe will reuse it as it sees fit. Perhaps to help make an eggplant or an aardvark or perhaps even to make other, new humans."
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This is great! The grief video is wonderful. People say some appalling things to grieving families and patients.
posted by a hat out of hell at 7:02 PM on July 21, 2012

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