A universe entirely made of antimatter wouldn't be a Michael Bay reality show
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In case you needed another reason to love/fear them: With a tone that sometimes rings condescending or conspiratorial but always wonderfully flippant, the best minds of cracked.com discuss the grandest extremities of modern physics.
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MetaFilter: You didn't understand what some of the words meant.
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MetaFilter: The math is extremely difficult.

MetaFilter: Congratulations! You've just proved you don't know what you're talking about!

Forgive me.
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That is some pretty dang exciting stuff. I'd love to see pictures of that thing that has a negative reflectiveness index.
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This article is
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pretty good.
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rebent: "negative reflectiveness index"

Here's a conceptual image for you.
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what the holy...
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Whatever one thinks about Cracked, it's nice to see an article that's massively enthusiastic about science.
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'Doubtless the depths of space smash a few super-heavy elements together somewhere, but in the midst of cosmic collisions so vast that they make finding a needle in a haystack look like finding a needle shoved into your eye.'

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