The ultimate buzzkill
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Follow-up study: Hockey masks improve echolocation targeting of prey by Myotis nattereri.
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Bat thought: "Damn, I am hungry. Gotta find me some f***ing flies."
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Between this and the "guy in a goat costume frolicking on a mountain" post a couple things down, I feel like we should hang some great big "NSFW for Vets" sign over the whole of the blue today.
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You know who else eavesdropped and accumulated thousands of copulating files?
That's right: J. Edgar Hoover.
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(and you guessed it: Frank Stallone.)
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[ObTMWRNJ joke]No you see Stu: a gnat's chuff is literally as tight as a gnat's chuff. [/obTMWRNJ joke]
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Ceiling bat is listening to you copulate.
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[purifying soap] *needed to clean mind after even wanting to listen to flies copulating that were eavesdropped on by bats.
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The authors of the paper speculate that the females may use the buzzing to assess some aspect of the males' fitness, so they may need to hear this sound before allowing mating to proceed. If so, the male's performance makes for potentially fatal foreplay.
You always hear about dangers of mating and certain selected-for sexual traits, but this is a pretty clean demonstration of that. Thanks for posting!
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