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10 Rather Astonishing Corporate Theme Songs (the Fujitsu one is a particular delight). And the pharmaceutical version.

I went to a group interview for Asda when I was a student and all of us were asked to perform the Asda Chant.
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Came for the Gazprom Drinking Song, left satisfied.
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Hell, they used to record entire corporate musicals.
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If that's what it takes to make the ScanSnap, so be it.

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Previouslier. (And that 2002 comment says "This has been discussed here before, but...")
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The Computer Associates one is also rather fantastic.
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Oh dear. I work for one of those companies...
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Oh yeah, there's some great examples of industrial musicals floating round - Spirit of '66, the JC Penney one, is actually great. You can listen to and download from here.

My Bathroom really reminds me of Somewhere That's Green from Little Shop of Horrors.
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DEVO Corporate Anthem
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There's also - thoguh I can't find the songs on the web - Music for Biscuits. Dulux Super 3 compares Churchill, Roosevelt and Stalin to the exciting properties of paint. They too are a Super 3!
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These are fascinating, but I think I'm going to be ill.
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Oh, here we are: Super 3. Horrible winking video though. YES I SEE WHAT YOU DID THERE THE CHURCHILL DOG.

I particularly like the slowing down at 'wine, women and song'.
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Ah, seems to be missing the KPMG 'A Vision of Global Strategy' song.

Gouge your ears out here
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My all-time favorite is the theme song TMBG did for Chopping Block.
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There's always the IBM theme song ("Ever Onward IBM"), one of more than a hundred songs from the IBM Songbook, including several tributes to IBM founder T. J. Watson, as well as various vice-presidents, superintendents, divisions, and other sundry parts of the corporation.

I first encountered the song as a MIDI bundled in OS/2, presumably included to show off its multimedia capabilities.
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My favourite must be the Letsbuyit.com tune. I can only find it in this broadcast (along with several other good ones), but it is worth a listen (the anthems start at about 19:25, and the Letsbuyit.com one at about 29:55).

Unfortunately, their share price was more Letssellit.com, not least thanks to someone who has recently been in trouble again.
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What? No mention of the Japanese demolition company Nihon Break Kogyo, and their giant-robot-riffic theme song?
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We do what we must.....because we can!
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No Yodobashi Camera love?

With the pop music beat it took me longer to figure out that the tune was the Battle Hymn of the Republic than I like to admit.
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Following some of these links has led me to learn of the term "lipdub", which is one of the stupidest things I’ve heard in a long time. I can just imagine the conversation;

a: I’m singing to the song!
b: That’s lip syncing.
a: No, you don’t understand, I sing along then I sync the video with the music!
b: That’s still lip syncing.
a: You just don’t get it. You’re jealous of my world changing creation.
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These songs would all be better if sung by a magical, pansexual, non-threatening spokesthing.
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Surprised nobody's posted this one (G4S are the security company that aren't turning up to this years olympics http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vTvtYV3NXGk )
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Ralf Hütter laughs at Drupa's 2012 shenanigans.

Especially since Kraftwerk took $190,000 to create a 5 second vocoded theme to Expo 2000, and then created three cool remixes, which, of course, sound as future-oriented today as then, though they're over 10 years old now. That's how you play this game, folks. These other corporate theme guys? Pikers.
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