District of Wonders
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In need of a regular dose of audio short fiction, whether it's horror, crime, or pulp fantasy? Welcome to the District of Wonders, a collection of podcasts spun off from the award winning StarShipSofa (previously, previosly).
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There's also Audio Noir.
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I'd also recommend The Truth .
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It's like MeFi read my mind. I have been looking for new podcasts for a few weeks now and suddenly you guys are all about being super awesome reveal-y about the ones that rock.
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kitteh - MeFi favorite The HP Lovecraft Literary Podcast has come to the end of Lovecraft's tales and is branching off and doing interesting things. If you liked it's classic style there's similar podcasts for Clarke Ashton Smith and M R James.
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I adore M.R. James! This is going to be awesome!
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I've come to realize that without Artw, at least half of the cool and interesting things I have enjoyed on the internet the last 5 years would never come to my attention. So, thanks for that.
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Oh, neat! Somewhere to submit that short supernatural audio drama I wrote 5 years ago! Thanks!
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This is also timely since I was just thinking about The Thing on the Fourble Board yesterday.
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So, thanks for that.

Aww... Cheers!
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