October 25, 2001
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looking for discount travel? forget priceline and travelocity, just score a fake passport, gather all the electronics you can muster, pack yourself in a box and ship it all to canada.
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"Crammed into the suspicious stowaway's box with him were two cellular phones, a satellite phone, a computer, cameras, many documents, and even a drill for making airholes."

How the hell could he make it without a Palm, two-way pager and the new iPod? Sounds like the terrorists are tightening the purse strings.
posted by blefr at 7:49 PM on October 25, 2001


Cameras. Wireless devices.

Power tools.

They're sending yuppies!
posted by j.edwards at 7:56 PM on October 25, 2001

LA to Chicago:


UPS 3-day Select shipping rate is $171.46

be sure to pack some sandwiches...
posted by willconsult4food at 8:22 PM on October 25, 2001

...at 72x14x14, you won't have room for sandwiches, but this actually might not be such a foolish idea. I mean, airline cargo containers are nicely standardized, pretty big, and all the handling machinery is well-known -- it might *almost* be possible for an enterprising airline to handle people in "mobile private cabins"!

posted by aramaic at 9:18 PM on October 25, 2001

wow, I'd never have to run to make a connection again.
posted by SpecialK at 9:50 PM on October 25, 2001

next we'll hear that his mother had to drive 600 miles in order to deliver his gameboy in order to make that squalid existence in a box more bearable.
posted by donkeysuck at 9:51 PM on October 25, 2001

replace that second 'in order' with a prepositional phrase of your choosing.
posted by donkeysuck at 9:52 PM on October 25, 2001

The page title headline is ... interesting. Italian police probe man found in box conjures all sorts of amusing pictures. (I'm thinking here of Murphy Brown poking Paul Reubens through a grate.) "Ouch!"

Of course, it could be an NYPD probe ... (whoops, that's not kosher to mention these days)
posted by dhartung at 9:58 PM on October 25, 2001

Oh, I forgot:

I'm-a gonna wrap myself in paper ....
posted by dhartung at 10:00 PM on October 25, 2001

This is just like that Velvet Underground song The Gift, where Waldo packs himself into a box to visit his girlfriend then gets stabbed into the head when she tries to open it. You have to turn one speaker right down to be able to hear it though.
posted by Summer at 3:22 AM on October 26, 2001

yeah..just like that :)
posted by stbalbach at 7:01 PM on October 26, 2001

That is so bizarre, that if it weren't post 9.11, it would be something you'd read on The Onion. I had to look back at the address bar to make sure I was on abc...
posted by Counselco at 7:33 PM on October 26, 2001

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