Caipirinha Appreciation Society
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The Caipirinha Appreciation Society podcast features underexposed Brazilian music of all styles, regions and time periods — from vintage sambas to modern blends.

Produced by two Brazilian expats for the University of London’s SOAS Radio, available in English and Portuguese.
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In honor of this post, I am going to spend the evening reading MetaFilter and drinking caipirinhas.
posted by wintermind at 4:17 PM on July 27, 2012 [4 favorites]

Sounds like a plan. I have heard that newman's limeade is an excellent way to make them quickly, but have not been able to confirm this yet.
posted by Artw at 4:18 PM on July 27, 2012 [1 favorite]

I use limes and cane sugar and cachaça, but using the limeade as a shortcut isn't a bad idea.
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Duuuuude I gotta disagree with you on that one — you need freshly quartered limes, do yourself this favor.

Crush the limes into the sugar, top it up with pinga — which can be substituted for vodka no probs (when you ask for a caipirinha in São Paulo the waiter will actually ask you if you want vodka or pinga), add ice. Stir. Ta-da!
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(secret family recipe: add a dash of gin!)
posted by Tom-B at 4:47 PM on July 27, 2012

Tom-B, that's how I was taught to make them by a wizened man in Araçatuba. Well, sans gin.
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Yeah well, my family is Polish! :-)
posted by Tom-B at 4:55 PM on July 27, 2012

Araçatuba, awesome! How did you end up there?
disclaimer - chatfilter is totally OK and expected in Brazil-themed threads :-)
posted by Tom-B at 4:56 PM on July 27, 2012

If you use limeade you won't get any of the flavor from the peel. Then it's basically just a cachaça daiquiri.
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Tom-B, I was there for work in February for a meeting of the Zebu Genomics Consortium and an international workshop on genomics in livestock. I'm hoping to go back next year. I've also been to Belo Horizonte for a scientific meeting. Pretty heady stuff for a kid from south Louisiana. It's hard to decide if Italy or Brazil has friendlier people, and I think that I'll need many more trips to both places in order to render a verdict.

Apologies for the derail, I'm not very knowledge able about Brazilian music. This post is an awesome starting point.
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disclaimer - chatfilter is totally OK and expected in Brazil-themed threads :-)

Surely that would be bate-papo-filter, não é?

And oh my god reading this is making me want a caipirinha. NOT FAIR.
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I have more limes and cachaça here in Maryland, Forktine.
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Hey thanks for the heads up.

Just added it to the podcast thinger and giving the episode before last ("Choro") a listen.


(While drinking a freshly muddled caipirinha.)
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Aw, man! We just got back from Brazil and already miss it. Choro is apparently having a bit of a resurgence at the moment-- all the young musicians in Belo Horizonte are into it, new bands popping up everywhere. A welcome development, imho. Chorinho is great stuff!
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Oh yeah, and if you're gonna enjoy that caipirinha, you'd better make it with real limes, and crush 'em real good before you add ice. It's all about the aromatics in the zest. Make it with vodka and you've got a caipiroska.

Come to think of it, our lime tree is just about ready for a caipirinha night... now where the heck did we put the cachaça?
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YEAH, bate-papofilter! Love it!
posted by Tom-B at 10:44 PM on July 27, 2012

wintermind, that's awesome! Hope you come back, and drop me a line when you do! :-)
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Wow cool! I'm just in the process of discovering various Brazilian music myself kicked off by exposure to the wonderful Astrud Gilberto.



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[This is good] Tom-B you rock.
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This is excellent! Excellent, I tell you! Brazil has loads of "small musics" that don't reach beyond local audiences. As a fiddler, my life was changed by the discovery of the rabeca tradition in the area around Recife, part of a dance tradition called "Cavalo Marinho." It was taken to the next level by Siba and the band Mestre Amcbrosio, and is now going international with the likes of Renata Rosa.
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Hey zaelic, I was dimly aware of cavalo-marinho, but hadn't actually heard it, seen the dance, and been aware of the Siba & Mestre Ambrósio connection, thanks for that!
disclaimer 2 - Brazilians do not threadsit... we like to threadHOST ;-)
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