You must unfold what you have folded.
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Origami Yoda

Design by Fumiaki Kawahata. This tutorial by Jo Nakashima.
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Got confused for a second and thought this was related to the books my sons enjoy. Apparently not.
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Wenestvedt, your son will be happy to know that The Secret of the Fortune Wookiee is out on August 7. They are awesome books. Their origami Yoda is less impressive though.
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Too young these hands are
Video paperfolder
Can't wait for my turn

Shirley, previously
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That was a very relaxing and mesmerizing video.
(there are no reference points)
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Agreed on the soothing beauty of this video.

I'm also surprised at how much time is spent in preparation, making creases and then unfolding -- but then again, I can barely wrap a present.
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-- but then again, I can barely wrap a present.

Hah. Wrapping presents is much harder than origami. Hand me a square piece of paper and I will absent-mindedly turn it into a flapping bird; hand me a perfect cuboid to wrap and I will end up with something that looks as if it was taped together by a distracted hippopotamus.
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Aha, I get to talk about myself. I made this as part of an initiation "challenge" for an honors society in college. This one guy asked me for an origami Yoda (how cruel), so I looked up the nicest looking designs available, and made it. You can actually stick your finger up the bottom, and it becomes a cute puppet.

Origami is very easily self-taught through books, and as I recall, this piece was easy although a bit laborious. The trickiest part for me was the shaping, with some finagling you can get a really gnarly, naturalistic staff in Yoda's left hand. For quality results (tight form, crisp edges, and final shaping) it really helps to rehearse, and I remember having first made a prototype before doing the final version. For the final version I used white or beige paper, and flicked some ink off a toothbrush to get a starfield pattern for his coat.

But yeah… props to the people who invent these designs, and give them away on the internet. They are real artisans.
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I'm a professional origami artist (no, really) and I can't wrap a present to save my life. I'm always the worst present wrapper in the bunch. Under the christmas tree I don't need a label on my presents; people already know who wrapped it.

Origami yoda has many incarnations; I try to avoid the collision space of math geeks + star wars + origami, it makes for cataclysmic explosions of nerdosity, which is rife in the origami world.

That said I always love origami posts, so two thumbs up!
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