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What happens when you mash up Cinderella, Disney songs, queer culture, and top 40 hits? This, apparently. [SLYT]

Warning for general ear-worminess. I'll be humming this all week.
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That was sweet fun! I enjoyed playing Spot the References. Besides, it had a nice beat, and you can dance to it!
posted by kinnakeet at 4:11 AM on July 28, 2012

<3 shangela. Great find.
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Cute and easy to listen to. The huge tone changes sort of threw me off though--like the fairy godmother. She's hilarious, but what's up with her bit?
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Nice way to start the day!
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Best Lance Bass cameo ever.
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I'm so confused.
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I was 50/50 on this until Alice hit Jasmine with the "take me away on your magic carpet" lyric, which was the absolute perfect melding of a Disney reference with an outright filthy innuendo.
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He may be dandy, but does he dance the "Prince Charming"?
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i liked this. I didn't recognise anyone except the disney characters, but i liked it. Also, I liked that it was a mixed gay/lesbian ball.
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As the ladies used to sang, Oh Honey.
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OH MY GOD YOU GUYS KATY PERRY IS A DISNEY PRINCESS. It all makes sense. Enchanted was a prognostication...just a slightly under-porny one.
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