Garbage Gods Part 2
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Garbage Gods Part 2 : ionustron has posted a follow-up to his post from last year regarding his twist-tie figurines. More images from this new set can be found here.
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How does this person eat so much bread??

Seriously, neat stuff--missed last year's post, so all was new to me.
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Actually, any time you get vegetables, or buy a box of garbage bags, you can get twist-ties. I tend to use them for small repairs. Temporary fixes to eye-glasses and jewelry, or oddly enough to action figures and other small toys for example.
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This is neat. I imagine you can just buy twist ties on their own if you really want to. :)

(incidentally, twist ties don't come on bread here. We get bread clips - also featured to keep the bigger bag containing our milk bags shut)
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(milk in a bag also mentioned in that wikipedia link)
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