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Neuro Images posts images of brains and art based on them. Some of them are beautiful; some of them are grotesque; some of them are confronting or sad (the complete series is here); and some of them are strangely reminiscent. (previously)
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The "confronting" one seems more grotesque, and the "strangely reminiscent" one reminds me of the way Edward Gorey would draw a forest.

The image of the brain being sliced up strongly reminds me of a meat market. Highly disturbing. Yet as you suggest, we should be able to confront such a thing. Man is matter.
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Is anybody else suddenly hungry?
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I should probably have linked to this image, too. The brain itself is built up of curves and connected fans of tissue, and there's a sense of rightness about the illustration. I wouldn't have thought of quilling in this context but it's clearly very appropriate.
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It's a little weird to dissect a human brain. But in the end, some donated brains are not in good enough condition for scientific study, yet remain useful as a teaching tool (best way to learn the anatomy is hands-on). So while I didn't use a bread knife and cutting board, I did get a really good feel for how the hypothalamus and fornix actually sit in the brain. Weird combination of fascination about the subject at hand, and respect for the subject of your study...
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Is this where we post imagery of our own brains? Because I'd be all over that. My last MRI was so beautiful I put it on a t-shirt.

Some of my colleagues find that odd. No idea why*.

*It may have been the video fly-through of my neuroanatomy that upset them. Philistines.
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I like the Synaptic Plasticity done in Plasticine.
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IKabanos: I like the Synaptic Plasticity done in Plasticine.

Synaptic Plasticity is funky. Makes you funky. It bring the funk. To stay funky, keep your synaptic plasticity glowin', and your dendrites, a-flowing and branching out....

Because synaptic plasticity digs all jive...

...it keeps growing and growing and staying alive.

Synaptic plasticity as it lives and learns,

keeps those dendrites funky and long...

and be funky and dug in return.

With apologies to Langston Hughes's classic Motto...
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If you like this, street anatomy may also be your thing.
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Like. </eponysterical>
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