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Revisiting Cinefex - a nostalgia wormhole into the golden age of model work and practical effects and the odd piece of early CG via backissues of the quarterly magazine of motion picture visual effects. The latest issues covered touches on Young Sherlock Holmes's Stained glass knight - mainstream cinema’s first fully-rendered CG character created by Industrial Light & Magic's Pixar group.
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Cool magazine, although I mainly just looked at the photos and it was very expensive.
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Previously, and very sadly 404ing.
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Awesome post.

Sadly, the mag has not maintained the depth of coverage that once distinguished it so highly. Climaxing, I suppose, with devoting all of issue #72 to Titanic.

When they first built the ship, they found that the uniform blankness behind the portholes made the thing look fake. "After building a set 900 feet long," they said, "we were pretty damned determined not to have it look fake." So they did their best to obtain accurate pictures of the cabin interiors, made blowups of them, curved them to provide an illusion of depth, and laminated them against seawater.
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God I love Cinefex. I had a subscription briefly, but yeah... very expensive.
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One of my absolute favorite B&N/Borders/Whatever "Come sit in our cafe and read our stuff then put it back on the shelf" treats as a young film student. Woot.
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Proud Husband Moment: The wife and I were in a B&N a few weeks ago and a young girl kept walking by where we were sitting. She had little bells or something similar attached to her shoe laces and they'd jingle with every step she took. My wife, somewhat annoyed, leaned over to me and said, "Unless she's a member of the fucking Rame Tep, those goddamn bells need to go."
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Issue #53 had a great piece about the early-style optical effects used in Coppola's Bram Stoker's Dracula. Such a cool film visually that it almost compensates for Keanu Reeves' turd of a performance.
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Have a stack of these in my basement. Expensive yes, but well worth it. My Blade Runner issue is in pieces. And it's true, It's gotten thinner on content since the total CGI days, practical effects are becoming a dying art.
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I have the 2001(the movie) issue of Cinefex and it is the most amazing thing ever. I don't know if there is any other print source that explains how they did essentially all of the effects shot for that movie.
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I was more of a CineMagic man, myself.
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Artw, they do have a viable site - a friend of mine has actually put in a good deal of work building it.
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Yup, that's one of the links - I didn't see the archive described in the previously though.
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Stumbling across the fabled #8 issue of Cinefex (the Tron issue) in a very provincial UK SF comic shop is still a cherished memory, not least as it had been rumoured to be banned by Disney at the time, presumably for spilling the beans on the film's nascent CG technology. To this day, I have no idea if that was actually true.
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It's too bad magazines are so heavy. It makes it very expensive to buy back issues of anything since the shipping costs more than the value, so they just end up going to the trash.
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I didn't discover Cinefex until the late 90s, I need to start hunting down those old back issues. Cinemagic was the magazine that taught me how to make my friends look like zombies aliens or damaged terminators, build kitbashed spaceships, stop motion rigs and how to add sfx in my 8mm movies.
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I like it when we get noticed.
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