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Yeasayer: We have received a message that we are on the verge of embargoed information being leaked through the cracks of the digital universe. Once again an attempt to tell the story before our mouths can spit. In order to have the edge we have created PSCYVOTV standing for PREEMPTIVE SELF-COMMISSIONED YEASAYER VORSTELLUNG or TRACK VISUALIZER.

In other words, they've released the videos before the album could leak. Except they didn't just put them on their website; the videos (by Yoshi Sodeoka) were spread across the Internets via Twitter to be found by ardent fans:

1. Fingers Never Bleed at Tim & Eric
2. Longevity
3. Blue Paper at Wired
4. Henrietta
5. Devil and the Deed at Stereogum
6. No Bones at Rolling Stone
7. Reagan’s Skeleton at Exclaim
8. Demon Road at The Quietus
9. Damaged Goods
10. Folk Hero Schtick via Pedestrian TV
11. Glass of the Microscope at Refinery 29
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Yeasayer is a band from Brooklyn.

Just in case you had absolutely no idea what this was about.
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If I click any of these it's going to ruin my believe that Genesis P Orridge is behind this, isn't it?
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CLASSIFIED TOP SECRET GAME ANDES REDSHIFT, Ministry of Defense, December 10th, 2001
CLASSIFIED TOP SECRET MAGINOT BLUE STARS, Ministry of Defense, December 10th, 2001

Abstract: This document describes progress to date in establishing a defensive network capable of repelling wide-scale incursions by reconfiguring the national closed-circuit television surveillance network as a software-controlled look-to-kill multiheaded basilisk. To prevent accidental premature deployment or deliberate exploitation, the SCORPION STARE software is not actually loaded into the camera firmware. Instead, reprogrammable FPGA chips are integrated into all cameras and can be loaded with SCORPION STARE by authorised MAGINOT BLUE STARS users whenever necessary.

Preamble: It has been said that the US Strategic Defense Initiative Organisation's proposed active ABM defense network will require the most complex software ever developed, characterised by a complexity metric of >100 MLOC and heavily criticized by various organisations (see footnotes [1][2][4]) as unworkable and likely to contain in excess of a thousand severity-1 bugs at initial deployment. Nevertheless, the architectural requirements of MAGINOT BLUE STARS dwarf those of the SDIO infrastructure. To provide coverage of 95 percent of the UK population we require a total of 8 million digitally networked CCTV cameras (terminals). Terminals in built-up areas may be connected via the public switched telephone network using SDSL/VHDSL, but outlying systems may use mesh network routing over 802.11a to ensure that rural areas do not provide a pool of infectious carriers for demonic possession. TCP/IP Quality of Service issues are discussed below, along with a concrete requirement for IPv6 routing and infrastructure that must be installed and supported by all Internet Service Providers no later than 2004.

There are more than ninety different CCTV architectures currently on sale in the UK, many of which are imported and cannot be fitted with FPGAs suitable for running the SCORPION STARE basilisk neural network prior to installation. Data Disclosure Orders served under the terms of the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act (2001) serve to gain access to camera firmware, but in many regions upgrades to Level 1 MAGINOT BLUE STARS compliance is behind schedule due to noncompliance by local police forces with what are seen as unreasonable Home Office requests. Unless we can achieve a 340 percent compliance improvement by 2004, we will fail to achieve the target saturation prior to September 2007, when CASE NIGHTMARE GREEN is due.
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This might be the quickest multi-link post to go entirely dead, ever... :)
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Your Favorite Band Blows (its own cover).
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People new to Yeasayer might like earlier songs 2080 and Sunrise. They're arid and imaginative and I was in love with them for a while my freshman year in college. I haven't followed them since but they made a crazy music video starring Kristen Bell that was... interesting. Cool people all around, seemingly.
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I heart Yeasayer, especially (but not limited to) when they are inspiring Kristen Bell to appear in Charlie White-inspired surrealist shorts.
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Once again the future catches up to William Gibson.
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I really like Yeasayer and was just getting back into Odd Blood/End Blood.

Very cool.

Bloc Party also has an album coming out the same week. Yay for August!
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I vote Yea, but I won't say it.
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Trying to get past the shamelessly gimmicky self-promotion "scavenger hunt," I see pointlessly abstract videos; I hear nice melodies accompanied by synth sounds that are matched well to the 90's video tech aesthetic. Lyrics: well, that would take a little more time than I have, but the bits I have been able to make out have not been breathtaking. An OK band, but the release gimmick reminds me all too much of Smile Train's shtick (they are the cleft palate charity who says IF YOU GIVE US MONEY NOW WE WILL NEVER ASK YOU FOR MONEY AGAIN!).
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Yeah, we've done Yeasayer, or should I say I have.
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They should change their name to Pepsi BlueFilter.
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No, just YeaFilter will do.
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Yeah, we've done Yeasayer, or should I say I have.

Bragging about sleeping with the band is suuch a novice groupie mistake.
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You got MetaFilter in my YeaSayer!

No, you got YeaSayer in my MetaFilter!

We'll call them MetaSayer YeaFilter!
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Bragging about sleeping with the band is suuch a novice groupie mistake.

I've made several MeFi posts about contemporary music artists, but I've only slept with one of them.
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I recommend people just go to Number Five from the list above, where they have everything on one page. This is especially helpful for those of us on phones, since some of the videos won't play directly.
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This is fantastic. I'm a huge Yeasayer fan , and I've been waiting anxiously for this album to be released.

Thanks, carsonb
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YouTube Playlist. Not sure but I think they're pulling them at 8pm tonight? Not sure what that's about (not that it matters, everyone has copied them by now.)
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I thought the disappearing act was a really interesting part of this whole hullaballoo especially since they used all of these online media outlets to distribute the individual videos. What a pain for those 11 publications to suddenly have a feature article go headless.
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Also, everyone and their brother is seeding the album now anyway.
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