The only search results on mefi for "Ling Long" were related to "ding a ding dang my dang a long ling long"...
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Columbia University's C.V. Starr East Asian Library is home to a nearly complete collection of issues of Ling Long women's magazine, a periodical published in Shanghai between 1931 and 1937. Images of the complete collection are available for browsing.

The magazine provides an exciting glimpse into the life of the cosmopolitan young ladies of 1930's Shanghai. The content is quite diverse, including sheet music, features on western films, pinups of silent film stars, alongside coverage of social issues, including articles on same-sex marriage between women and frank advice on family planning and venereal disease. There is also this.

Although most of the content is not available in English, the library website provides extensive information about both the periodical itself and about the women who created and consumed it.

See this website, devoted to women's magazines of the late Qing and early Republican period, for more information on Ling Long and other magazines.
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This is awesome:

Hipster toddler wearing his dad's glasses and gloves.
Pete Campbell.
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It's also a beautiful library inside if you get a chance to visit the reference area. Used to be the Law Library many moons ago. You need a library visitor card to get past the front gate though.
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Oh my goodness! I worked on this project, and with these journals. So great to see it finished! I wouldn't have thought to look it up again. Thanks for posting!!
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Fun fact: C.V. Starr founded American International Group in Shanghai in 1919. All that endowment from the Starr Foundation is gigantic multinational money. Not that there is anything wrong with that. Sometimes it's interesting to understand where the money comes from.

/former AIG employee
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This is amazing, thanks for posting! I'm going to need extra hours in the day to go through all of this!!
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Some things that interest me: 1) How much of it is concerned with Hollywood. 2) How much of it is about kids. 3) The lack of commas and other Western-style punctuation. Pro-traditionalist, pro-KMT?
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