There is grandeur in this view of life.
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The Evolution Documentary channel (autoplays video) has collected documentaries and clips about evolution available on youtube, including documentaries from BBC, Nova, and National Geographic.

Other online human evolution resources include:

- The Bones of Turkana, a documentary about Richard Leakey and paleontology in Turkana, Kenya
- African Fossils, 3-D models of important hominid fossils from the Turkana Basin Institute (previously)
- E-fossils, E-skeletons, and E-Lucy, digital libraries of fossil and skeletal material relevant to human evolution.
- The PBS and Nova Evolution sites
- Timetree, which allows you to search the tree of life for evolutionary divergences
- is a nearly exhaustive exploration of animal life, including video footage, photographs, and basic ecology

These resources and many others, both online and books, are listed here.
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The comments certainly are...entertaining
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I can hear the creationists wailing...
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Don't forget the granddaddy of them all:
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This channel is a truly awesome resource

BUT OH GODDAMNIT... I just spent the last three weeks getting 3/4ths done with indexing and annotating a ~30,000-40,000 word post with 350+ links to several thousands of hours of video and this channel has just over half of it. Oh well, it will just have to get bigger, there is so much good science programing now on the web.
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Meanwhile, in Missouri...
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