Le Fox Fantastique
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Xanga user Criscoh is a talented concept artist who is kind enough to share his work on recent films, including: Fantastic Mr Fox, Coraline, Hotel for Dogs, and City of Ember.
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Coralline is on my very short list of films where 3D is actually worth it, as it makes it into an awesome puppet-show.
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(and Mr. Fox is IMHO sorely underrated. )
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Mr. Fox is highly rated in my book. One of the best films that year...
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These are lovely. And "City of Ember" is great; no one has seen it and everyone should.
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Now I have to watch Hotel for Dogs?
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Mr. Fox is my 8yo son's favorite movie, and I agree: sorely underrated.
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People still use Xanga?
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City of Ember was the biggest waste of Bill Murray's talent. He was barely even acting!
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Hah. I just came into this thread to say how brilliant Fantastic Mr. Fox was & find I've been comprehensively beaten to it. Add my vote to the pile!

These images are lovely: since they stick so closely to the art design of the films in question, are they responsible for that design, or are these images taking someone else's design work and producing concept art for the various scenes?

Regardless, it's interesting to get the chance to lift the curtain a little on these early stages of film production.
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