Every Radio Has Them
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WHAT IS A WILD TONE? "Wild Tones" live in Radios. They're the Bad Tones that escape from the back of your speaker. They like to howl and screech and beat booming drums... they ruin good music... every chance they get. Yeoooooooo EEK! BONG! BOOM

And there's so much more that you might not have yet seen from good ol' Dr Seuss at The Advertising Artwork of Dr. Seuss.
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Cool find!
Just a note...They seem to date everything in the collection as 1940, though much of it is much older, some dating back to the early 30's. Some into the late 40's.
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You've got to wonder if he spent hours trying to come up with a rhyme for STROMBERG-CARLSON ACOUSTICAL LABYRINTH.
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OMG - it's the "Bose Wave Radio", only "x" years previously... Quick, someone start a patent lawsuit...
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I've got to wonder how many confused radio salespeople were actually asked to see a model's "Acoustical Labyrinth."
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