Watch with one eye, hear with one ear, hand-made celluloid films!
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A tale from Van Phuc village is a short film by Tibetan filmmaker Tsering Tashi Gyalthang. Half-fiction/half-documentary, this short shows the singular craft of Nguyen Van Long, who spent several decades entertaining children in the Thu Le park in Hanoi, Vietnam by playing his hand-made flipbook cartoons or 5-min celluloid movies on a Soviet projector.
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Outstanding. Two points come to mind: Film is at its best when I feel completely like an undetected voyeur. Parent suspicion of older men giving candy to their children is universal.
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I cannot find the right words to say how much I love this post. The film was beautiful,calming,sweet, entertaining...I am still searching. Thanks so much, elgilito.
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as i sat watching, the film leached all cynicism from my body.
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