Moebius Drawing
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In preparation for his then upcoming retrospective Transe Forme, Fondation Cartier recorded Moebius doing a series of digital drawings. Recorded in late 2010, these are some of, if not, the last recordings of Moebius drawing that we are likely to see. - Moebius Drawing
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L'oeil droit, merde. L'oeil droit, merde!
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Thanks for this! Love the fact he didn't use layers. Some of his roughs are ever so light.

Bonus material: His day at Telerama (French cultural weekly) around the same time when he illustrated some of the pages of the magazine. (In French, translation provided on request)
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Thank you, and once again I am amazed by his sense of space.
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Fondation Cartier is awesome. That is all.
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!!! Thank you.
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Recorded in 2056.
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I love the little details of line drawing like this. He makes it look easy. It's not easy, which is a sign of someone really, really talented.
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Even though I hadn't paid much attention to Moebius's art since I was a teenager, I was surprised at how upset I got when he passed away earlier this year. There really is a sense of "this is how it is supposed to be" about his work. The fantastic landscapes and characters have a feeling of internal consistency. It's amazing to watch him construct that.
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Nice link. Thanks, Artw.
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Apparently there's an extra on the DVD of Blueberry with Giraud talking about the comic and the film, but I've never found it online. That could be interesting.
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Although he seems to draw so effortlessly, he must sketch a draft first then scan it, and ink over they greyed image. He must have embraced technology at the start of his Moebius stage, as Blueberry looks like pen and brush. Here's a video of him using a Wacom tablet back in 2009, and here's him doing Blueberry.
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Paul Pope plays tribute to Mobius.
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(that's ABOUT the 56 pages, sadly not the pages themselves.)
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