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Danish band Sleep Party People seems like something out of a David Lynch film, composing music for those moments between consciousness and sleep.
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Ok, I know that pop culture publications/blogs/websites love attempting to coin a term for a genere of music because everyone wants to identify the next punk/prog/goth/folk/whatever but I seriously wish there was a word the described bands like this, Fever Ray, Zola Jesus, some of M83's darker and calmer stuff etc.

Something that isn't...... *shudder* witch house.....

Upon glancing at the FPP's title perhaps "Bunny-core" would do just fine.
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those moments between consciousness and sleep

I generally like it, but their music doesn't seem to fit this need for me - they're kind of Sigur Ros-y, plus electronic drums, minus big skronky guitar.

For my hypnagogic moments, I prefer Windy and Carl, or maybe some Slowdive.
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They also have competition for the Bunny-Core title.
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I had a go-around with Sleep Party People a while back. Their melancholy, low-fi cryptic electro-folk angle reminds me of Sparklehorse (which is a high compliment), and I really like some of his melodies, but I haaaaaaaaaaaate the way he sings, and I am a fan of some pretty idiosyncratic singers. I ended up only keeping about seven of his songs (including two remixes).
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Made it to 1:43 of that before I decided bunny ears and shoegaze do not a new band make.
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I've been really really into My Bloody Valentine for about a decade and never went after other so-called-shoegaze bands -- Catherine Wheel is too 90s to count, right? -- but yesterday I got me the Jesus and Mary Chain discog. I have parasomnias -- mostly blinking-fast microsleep, but also eyes-open absence-like sleep (I was tested for absence seizures. I'm just asleep for a sec or two), and that's mostly what the disconnect sounds like. Imagine you're watching a clock and a couple of seconds skip? But with people around you asking you questions and so on.

The best feeling I've ever had from a drug was Depakote. Aye, mate, Depakote. I spent an entire month listening to Zero 7's "In the waiting line" in a loop and doing things over and over because I forgot I had already done them. Half a kpin and half a glass of wine an hour later with friends is minimally comparable, and the song helps evoke the feeling -- particularly because you're dissociating relatively to your mates -- but it's not a fraction of the magnitude, and requires friends and social occasion to boot.

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Related: Hex and Game over-era Bark Psychosis may be the ultimate insomnia+fugue song music. The new stuff (Codename: dustsucker) is of only infinitesimally lesser caliber than Hex (and obviously more coherent than Game over), but it's gone beyond evoking a singular mood.

As for songs, give "Big Shot" a spin for those long aimless trips (...just driiiive somewheeere...) and "Blue" for those bitter relationship moments (... and I'm gonna sleepwalk out of you...).
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Unfortunately, Garden State ruined "In The Waiting Line" for me for all eternity.
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I thought the David Lynch 'moments between consciousness and "sleep"' link was going to be this.
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