Icelandic landscapes, set to Japanese post-rock
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Legend: A Journey Through Iceland is a 12 min. 31 sec. long time-lapse video of Icelandic landscapes, set to the music of MONO, a Japanese post-rock band. A bit more MONO and pleasant landscapes inside.

The track is the first song form the forthcoming album, For My Parents. If you'd like more MONO, The Sky Remains The Same As Ever, their 1 hr 47 min documentary movie from 2008 is on YouTube (for now).

The video was directed by Henry Jun Wah Lee, and you can see more of his work on his Evosia Studios website, along with 20 videos on his Evosia Vimeo account.
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Sigur Ros did it better
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throwing in a random reccomendation on mono's collaboration with World's End Girlfriend on 'palmless prayer/mass murder refrain'.
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I've gotten on and off the wagon multiple times with this band, but You Are There was a great record. The last few records though have just been all about this syrupy orchestral goop that leeches anything unique or vital out of their music and replaces it with anonymous "In a world..." film trailer theatrics, and robs them of all the live-band-in-a-room immediacy that made them gripping. Their newest stuff has all the charm and subtlety of Yanni at the Acropolis.
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......and now I want to go back to Iceland, thanks a lot Internet.
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Seconding Palmless Prayer/Mass Murder Refrain.

Best Mono album, though? I think Walking Cloud And Deep Red Sky, but Under the Pipal Tree is right up there too. "Karelia (Opus 2)" is fucking electrifying.

The landscape is pretty, though. I like the quirky "Inspired by Iceland" the best though.
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Another Icelandic-landscape-music-video: Björk - Joga.
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I saw Mono live 5 or six years ago--maybe more. Amazing live experience. If they happen to be coming through your neck of the woods, make sure you catch them. You won't regret it.
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wouldn't want to take the cable car at 8.23
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The source of my confusion.
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Will the appropriate MONO please stand up?
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There are a LOT of different artists/bands who go by Mono. Though Wikipedia only has two bands named Mono, Discogs has 37 different entities, plus 5 name variations that link to Mono.
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Is there a working definition of "post-rock?" Or is that just anything with a guitar since 1974?
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That was gorgeous, thanks!
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Those lupins that show up around 7:10 are an invasive species. Sort of. Iceland's government has been encouraging their spread because they fix nitrogen really well and also counter erosion with dense coverage on loose soils. Good stuff for barren areas and areas disturbed by construction. The thing is that lupins LOVE the environment in Iceland and can spread really far and fast if not kept in check, invading heathlands and wiping out native vegetation diversity.
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I have this set aside to watch while I have time. Just the first little bit told me it was something I wanted to pay attention to.
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> Is there a working definition of "post-rock?" Or is that just anything with a guitar since 1974?

As far as I know, post-rock is not actually a very broad category. Think usually guitar-driven, usually-instrumental music that employees a lot of repetition and soundscapes, generally at a low tempo. Songs are often pretty long, and tend to start low and quiet and build to a dramatic climax with lots heavy over-driven guitar and/or distortion.
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